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SP., Sp, Brazil, January 30, 2017, Monday, at 16.52 p.m. (p.m.)Antoni BigCuore*
Pope Francis gave 15 very simple advices that can help you or help you live well: (1)
0.1. SMILING, a Christian is always cheerful!

0.2. THANK (even if you do not "need" to do so.

0.3. REMEMBER to others that You love them.

0.4. COMPLY with joy these people you see every day.

0.5 HEAR the story of the other, without prejudice, with love.

0.6. STOP to HELP, when someone needs it.

0.7. ENCOURAGE who is discouraged.

0.8. To delight in the qualities or achievements of others.

0.9. TOGETHER things that You will no longer use and give to those who need it.

0.10. HELP when necessary for the other to rest.

0.11. CORRIGIR with love, and do not shut up in fear.

0.12. Have good details with those who are close to You.

0.13. CLEAN what I use at home.

0.14. HELP others overcome obstacles.

0.15. TELEPHONE to parents; Talk to them more._______________________________________________________________________
A. BIGCUORE´S COMMENTARY: The Pope forgot a very important item.PRAY every day; Asking God's blessings for himself and the whole world!They are wise principles; Simple things, but if you incorporate them and practice EVERY DAY, it will improve your health, physical, mental, emotional and above all spiritual.

They are norms of a good SOCIAL CO-EXPERIENCE.POSITIVE ATTITUDES make our body release the so-called ENDORPHINS and other hormones, through the Pineal Gland, that will "oxygenate" the emotional life of any human being!In my daily life I practice almost all of these items, and I can assure you that they actually work. They bring PEACE to our soul and to our SPIRIT.They recall the Sermon on the Mount, a kind of Magna Carta, for every Christian to follow in his daily life.MAKE THE EXPERIENCE AND WILL SEE WONDERS HAPPEN IN YOUR LIFE!That's what today's world needs in order to end violence!KINDNESS ATTRACTS KINDNESS. LOVE ATTRACTS LOVE. POSITIVE ATTRACTS POSITIVE!

God bless you always and copiously!Antoni BigCuore: is Writer, Friend of Good and Communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the whole planet. Access and divulge your texts by the address: BLOG BEM VIVER BRAZIL - (self-knowledge, spirituality and healthy life).(1) banner offered by Rádio 9 de Julho de São Paulo. Catholic.

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