domingo, 29 de janeiro de 2017

God`s Word. Justice and Humility. (Mt. 5, 1-12a)

Antoni BigCuore*

Date: 29.01.2017, Sunday, at 10.57 hoursLocation: New York, United StatesCatholic readings for today are:
First Reading: Zephaniah, 2: 3; 3, 12-13Second Reading: 1Corinthians, 1,26-31Gospel Matthew, 5, 1-12a
"Seek ye the Lord, all ye humble of the earth, that observe his law: seek ye JUSTICE and HUMILITY (my graces): ye may be so in the day of the wrath of the Lord" (Sof, 2)Paul tells us: "He who is foolish in the world, God has chosen him to confound the wise, and he that is weak in the world, God hath chosen him to confound the strong." (1Cor.1)

A. BIGCUORE´S REFLECTION: today's readings are of immense wealth; Rich material to be reflected in groups, especially.Jesus tells us, according to the Gospel of St. Matthew, the famous GOOD AVENTURANCES, which, in our understanding, sum up all the Gospels of the Holy Scriptures.

What does God want from us, His dear children? That WE PRACTICE JUSTICE !; And that for such, we must be HUMBLE. The humble word comes from Latin, from the radical HUMILIS, HUMUS, which means earth. The earth can produce good and bad fruit. If the farmer plants good things in it, he will reap good fruit; On the contrary, if he sows bad seeds, he will reap bad fruit.

The Old Testament prophets tell us much about doing JUSTICE TO THE ORPHAN AND THE WIDOW.

In Jesus' time, and even before long, being a widow and being an orphan were poorly seen by society. They suffered all sorts of discrimination. That is why Jesus, in his passage through this land, had as a priority to DEFEND the poor and humble.

Poor in spirit. One might ask: does not Jesus love the rich? Of course yes!Jesus loves everyone indiscriminately. "Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth"; "Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God";


Note that Jesus spoke in HEART OF POOR. A person can have many GOODS and have a poor heart. Humility is a condition of the heart, regardless of whether or not you have much goods!To be happy, still on this earth, it is imperative to divest ourselves! Truly having a poor heart implies living our whole life, in a WAY DISAPPEARED from the things of this world.

The true LOVE that the Master Jesus left us as a legacy is to know how to SHARE love with our fellow men. Only in this way can we still be happy in this life. Happiness, first of all, is the full consciousness of BEING PRESENT!

At this moment, come down upon You and all your family and the whole world, the true PEACE that comes from the Trinitarian God, He who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit, Amen! A happy and holy Sunday to all! Shalom!

(*) Author is Writer, Friend of Good and Communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the whole planet. Access your BLOG WELL LIVING BRAZIL - (self-knowledge, spirituality and healthy life). God Bless You !.

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