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Antoni BigCuore*

Date: São Paulo, SP, Monday, at 17:27Location: Brazil

  "The world is full of curiosity, that any of us can be happy as a king." (Robert Louis Stevenson)

More than 50% of the world's population suffers somehow from sleep disorders, according to WHO. (World Health Organization).

First of all, let us follow the paths that lead us to a good sleep.The PINEAL gland plays a key role in getting a good night's sleep. For it is she who secretes the hormone called MELATONIN.For, melatonin, usually begins to be released from the 21 hours. It depends on a very dark room because the "blue ray" emitted by the sun and even the night lights, signaling to the brain that is "day," and immediately melatonin to be produced.

The Dr.Lair Ribeiro, a cardiologist and medical nutrition specialist, sugests for those who have insomnia problems, which use a glasses called "BLUE RAY BLOCKER", whose translation would look like this: blue ray blocker. He says it is a way to trick the brain and thus the blue beam is blocked, and one can watch TV at night or even the computer that will not affect your sleep.


0.1. A good mattress and a good pillow.

0.2. Room is airy and very dark (so melatonin is released).

0.3. Do not sleep on an empty stomach. (Eat only light foods at night). Mixed salad with a slice of whole or toasted bread and grape juice. The grape is wonderful, contains revesterol which extremely ANTIOXIDANT substance. Afroba (kind of light cacao) a small shallow spoon mixed in the igurte, also helps in sleep.

0.3. Do not read in bed, but if you do, read, for example, the Psalms. (Prayer always helps).

0.4. Pray to God to give you a restful sleep. (Heavenly Father in the name of his Son Jesus Christ, I beg you, give me a restful sleep all my energies, physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Thank you Lord for Another day of life that you gave me).

0.5. Do some light stretching and look RELAX as much as possible your body (say softly:. Every muscle in my body are relaxed, relaxed completely relaxed, completely relaxed I am in perfect Peace, tranquility and serenity I'll sleep a wonderful sleep and tomorrow.. I'll wake up feeling great.

Notice that our subconscious mind becomes more sensitive and receptive when our body is totally relaxed.Body tense, rigid, the adrenal glands are forced to work excessive, releasing more adrenaline, and eonsequencia, you will take more time to sleep.

0.6. Avoid sleeping pills. Only in special circumstances determined by your doctor. (Clonazepam, for example, causes dependence).

0.7. Functional food aid and much. What is functional food? It is one that, besides nurturing, has a therapeutic character. Whole grains, nuts, chestnuts, apricots, peanuts, Chia seeds, flaxseed. Chia is rich in calcium and magnesium, wonderful minerals that relax and help sleep quality. Calcium, potassium and magnesium, this is the trio five stars!

0.8. Sentimental life. Date, even if you are married (date your wife, of course!). To maintain the glamor of a relationship, it is imperative to always oxygenate it !!!

0.9. Work in an area you enjoy. Anyone who works only for money will always be restless and ill for physical health.

0.10. Exercise. For example, a beautiful walk every day or three times a week. It's great for releasing the stresses. Do not forget to do stretches after the body is warm. Therefore, walk until the body heats for half an hour and then stretch.

0.11. NEVER LEAVE YOUR IDEAS !. Dreams mooved us to the happiness!

(*) Author is Writer, technician in nutrition. Access and advertise his Blog Bem Viver Brazil - antonibigcuore.blogspot.com (self-knowledge, spirituality and healthy life).His poetic and philosophical link: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore(1) quoted in the book, Self Image Psychology, Best Seller Edit, page 80. Maltz, Maxwell. 

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