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Antoni BigCuore Casagrande**

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(*) Part of my book, The Health of Soul and Body, pages 14,15 and 16) .Editora Orecado Ltda., São Paulo, Capital. (2003)."Tips for Stress and Depression Prevention. As we said earlier, stress can be a trigger factor for depression. So, here are some "tips" on how to prevent stress and depression:

1. Spiritual Plan: have a religion of their choice. It is important to have a God to believe and without Him life has no meaning. Read the Bible daily or it is for five minutinhos, then go gradually increasing. Make daily prayer, because prayer is the fuel of the soul. Also read books with positive messages that encourage and raise self-esteem.

2. Physical Plan: practice exercise regularly. Start slowly and increase gradually. We suggest daily walk. In our opinion it is one of the best aerobic practices. Do stretches every day even if it is in your own residence. Swimming is also excellent. Have a functional food, basically consisting of fruits, vegetables, white meat, whole grains, nuts, nuts, oats, flax, chia, quinoa, green banana flour etc. Eat daily vitamins C and E. Stress induces the human body to consume a lot of vitamin C. Therefore, it is essential to 1 gram per day, if it is synthetic or a glass of 200 ml. Orange juice every day, meets the daily needs.

3. Emotional Plan: rethink their values. His world view, perhaps, may be somewhat outdated. Practice good humor and smile at least twice a day, or that is to look in the mirror and laugh at his own face! It has been proven by research that smile improves our immune system. It neutralizes the action of the negative hormone, called cortisóis, epinephrine type, for example.

Smile facilitates the release of the neurotransmitter called serotonin, the hormone of well being. Cultivate always good friends. Share with friends their joys and sorrows. Look, in general, always maintain a constructive and pleasant conversation. This helps a lot to strengthen the emotional side of the human being. Other important things to improve self-image and self-esteem own are: dancing, learning to play a musical instrument, sing (or that is in the bathroom).

Praise also constitutes an excellent wellness tool, both for those who praises as for the recipient. Praise - of course - always sincere way. Praise generates positive energy waves. It creates a pleasant climate, especially in the workplace. Finally, to provide himself with positive instruments aimed at strengthening the emotional aspect of personality. Do not, therefore, fear of "putting olive pastel another" because the positive emotion that he will feel, again multiplied to yourself. In a way, we reap what we sow. Express our feelings, it is good for the soul and heart. It is true gain in health.

Clinical Eye: These three factors (spiritual, physical and emotional) harmoniously combined, will result in the homeostatic balance of personality (see more detail in Chapter 8) that is, in a healthy person in every way, finally, a winner! (Homeostasis is the physiological balance of the body combined with the most emotional spiritual factors results in the thesis that we defend:. Called homeostatic balance of personality is a process that has its high point in middle age, on average after 45 years of age.. of course, it varies from person to person.).

Foods that fight depression: In recent studies from the University of Kuopio in Finland has shown that good doses of B vitamins (especially B-06 and B-12 vitamins) can alleviate the hardships caused by depression. Combined with foods containing folic acid. For expectant mothers, including, doctors prescribe folic acid as a preventive any deformations in the future baby.

Natural sources: Revenue: 1 tablespoon of chickpea soup; 2 watercress soup spoons; 2 colhes of cooked spinach soup; 3 tablespoons chopped broccoli soup.

All foods that contain vitamins B and E and also the mineral Selenium also help substantially to combat stress and especially depression. Especially vitamin E, is an excellent anti-oxidant vitamin, ie, prevents the aging of cells, called fighting free radicals. And also fights bad cholesterol called L.D.L.Even in more or less recent scientific discoveries to the prostate, vitamin E, synergistically combined with the mineral Selenium is great for preventing cancer."

(**) Author is writer in S.Paulo, SP. Access his BLOG BEM VIVER - GOOD LIVING - HTTP:// (self, spirituality and healthy life) and his poetic and philosophical link:
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