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Nutrition and Healthy LivingDate: 27.07.2016, 4th Tuesday at 17.29 hours
BLOG MOMENT NUTRITIONDaniela Machado * (resp. Blog moment nutrition)

Antoni BigCuore **

Date: 24/07/2016Acrolein: You know what it means?There are several terms that have never heard, or not part of our day to day. Acrolein is related to fat.When fry potato or pastry, for example, thus the oil used, it is soy, sunflower, canola, and heating will increase its temperature.

However, each oil has a different chemical composition and thus, a different optimal temperature. When this temperature is reached, we give the name of "smoke point", which starts out that little smoke, because the oil is already "burning".

Once the fats reach very high temperatures dehydrate, losing its quality, even those important oils for our health, such as omega 3,6 and 9, releasing a carcinogen: acrolein!Therefore, it is very important to reduce the temperature, prolonging the preparation time, thus ensures the final product, keeping its benefits.Below, some oils and fats and their ideal temperatures.
SOYBEAN OIL AND SUNFLOWER: between 227 ° and 232 °CANOLA OIL: between 224 ° and 230 °OLIVE OIL: between 210 ° and 238 °CORN OIL: between 204 ° and 213 °Ghee: between 120 ° and 150 °COMMON BUTTER: between 122 ° and 148 °IMPORTANT:For frying, use sunflower oil or canola.For sautéing, use olive oil or butter.

COMMENT A. BIGCUORE: trans fat is nothing more than acrolein added nickel and hydrogen, resulting in known MARGARINE, which plasticizes the heart and arteries.The worst foods to be humos are:

01. Crisp02. Soft drinks (corrodes the bone and is carcinogenic!)03. Margarine04. Microwave Popcorn (release acrolein)05. Curd "baptized" it costs cheap. It contains acroleinYou want to have a long life? Growing old with health? Then eliminate these foods from your diet.!.

Most chips, crackers, cookies etc., ice cream, contains the damn trans fat, which is extremely CARCINOGEN!!!. Plasticizes the heart and arteries, causing deaths from myocardial infarction.

Healthy foods: whole grains, whole wheat flour, nuts, nuts, flaxseed, chia, crainberry, soybeans, fruits: apple, grape, orange, banana, (green banana flour is great for fighting depression, given that it is rich in TRIPTOFANO, an amino acid that turns into serotonin in brain.) strawberry, watermelon, pineapple etc. Fruits and vegetables, in general, are the healthiest foods.

The more industrialized the product is, the more harmful to health it becomes.The grape is wonderful to the heart because it has a substance called Resveratrol, which is highly anti-oxidant, providing long life for the cell.

A 200 ml beaker. Every day juice INTEGRAL GRAPE is a good protector for coronary. Red wine also contains resveratrol.Hippocrates, considered the father of medicine, 450 years ago A.C. said the famous words: "DO MY FOOD, MY REMEDY".

Says Dr.TIAGO ROCHA, food scientist, that CROLEÍMA is the most carcinogenic substance in the world today.

To have a healthy life: practice 3 times a week exercise; balanced diet and spirituality. (daily prayer. Read and meditate the word of God, especially the Psalms of the Bible).

Remember that the human being is three-dimensional: Spirit, Mind and Body. These three factors must be EQUILIBRIUM so that the person can enjoy good physical, mental, spiritual and emotional.Try it and see wonders happening in your life!Remembering Paul the Apostle who says "our body is the temple of the Holy Spirit of God."

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