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World Cup: Brazil x Germany. Victory Of Intelligence On Lib


Antoni BigCuore Casagrande * 

(SP.sp. 11/07/2014, Monday 6th at 16.19 hours

Last Tuesday, 2 billion people watched the greatest shame that a selection of the world can pass. The scoreboard says of itself: Germany scored 7 goals and Brazil, "blackout" = 1 (this because "they" took his foot when he was 5 If x 0 would force the 12 fatally arrive.!)..
In 1950, when Brazil lost to Uruguay for 2 x 1, with three year olds I was old and could not imagine the doomed evil "Maracanaço" as was stigmatized by the Brazilian media, where the greatest injustice committed against a black Brazil, the late Barbosa, our goalkeeper, with the taint of having been the "culprit" for the defeat

Not long ago I saw several times the image of the second goal, (Uruguay) and some reviews of sports essays, and really realize that I was the one who failed our defense and not the goalkeeper. Barbosa died, if I remember correctly last year, there was none of CBF that did righteousness, rendering it a great honor while still alive. The "pity" carried the taint of "guilty" to life, but unfairly!. 

Well, back to the case of the game Brazil vs Germany, World Cup 2014, the stadium Mineirão in Belo Horizonte, 3rd Thursday, ppl, at 17.00 hours, I noticed besides the "blackout" was a team that simply did not exist in the field. It seemed that the Germans played without Brazil! Lo and behold

The arrogance of the technical committee, in my modest opinion, would face Germany as an equal. And, between us, Germany is well HIGHER than Brazil. Unfortunately Brazilian Football STOPPED IN TIME AND SPACE. The tactics have evolved, but Brazil continues to live in the past. Scolari WRONG tremendously not "populate" the midfield finding that led Germany to face as equals

It was a victory INTELLIGENCE WORK and serious long-term who won our eternal ad LIB! The inconsistency of our coach in scaling an "offensive" team, with 200 million Brazilian technicians know that our weakness was in midfield. Honestly, for me, I commented to my friends and family, the Brazilian team was winning, but was not convincing me and I was convinced that Brazil has not passed the quarterfinals. 

It is imperative, in my modest understanding that there is a RADICAL REFORM in Brazilian sport, especially in football. Naming a coach (I'd choose a foreigner to teach us football tactics). The "black box of CBF." Is open and, from there, there is a NATIONAL LEAGUE, Brazilian clubs, where the teams are the protagonists and not CBF top hats

Would LONG-TERM PLANNING, (10 years at least!) Targeting the future crown. Summon, preferably active players in our country! Would take advantage of some players who were working abroad.
In summary: WON THE INTELLIGENCE and hard work, (from Germany) about the legendary Brazilian improvisation. Incidentally, this pest is a reflection of Brazilian politics! Our politicians are mostly incompetent and corrupt and shortsighted. Do not think the nation as COMMON AND WELL WELL LARGER but rather in their own navels! REFORM NOW! ESPECIALLY IN BRAZILIAN POLITICS!

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