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Fear Of Silence


Antoni BigCuore*

(SP.sp. 07/25/2014, Monday 6th at 10.42 hours)

"89.Os men are afraid of silence because they feel empty when they are alone. Unlike, who lives an inner life like silence because living in intimacy with the Holy Trinity, discovers a new world, full of beauty, a life that this world can not give. "(Nguyen Van Thuan, Vietnamese theologian). (1) 

A.BigCuore`s Reflectance
: humans seek the illusion of happiness in the outside world, forgetting that it truly is inside your own soul. Therefore, we must learn to build "the soul" within the principles and ideas that give us peace, stillness, serenity, balance, love, light etc.. and all this comes from the Divine sap, which is God

(*) BigCuore,Antoni is a writer and communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet. Access and disclose his BLOG BEM VIVER -Living Well Blog - http:/ / (self, homeostatic spirituality and healthy life) and his poetic and philosophical link: / authors / antonibigcuore

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