sábado, 1 de fevereiro de 2014


Subject : Biblical PoemAuthor : Antoni BigCuore*Date : 31.01.2014 , 6 Monday at 10.31 hrs ." 

Incline your ear , O Lord , answer me ,I am poor and needy !Save me , for I am faithful ,Save your servant who trusts in You !Thou art my God , have mercy on me , Lord ,For to you I lift up my soul! "" You are good , Lord, and forgive .Thou art full of love to all who call upon You . "( 1 )


Being thee eternally grateful , Lord , for the giftsYou give us that , for all the blessings that shedAbout us , about our friends , and our families !Thou art a God who does not hold grudges , no hard feelings ,Do not have jealousy, not you jealous , does not have revenge !You are eternally moved by FORGIVENESS AND BY LOVE to allYou created the creatures !

Thou art a God of LOVE , compassionate and wants only ourTrue happiness , which you have indicated in You ! .Thou hast the hearts and dwell in those who are OPENFor Thy love ! You you respect human freedom !Your love is the ONLY RELEASE truly that , oh , Lord !Praised be Thy name for all eternity ! Amen !

Source: Inspired in Psalm 86(85).

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