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The Lord Will Never Abandon His People


Antoni BigCuore *Date : 02.18.2014 at 07.54 hrs .

" The Lord will not reject his people ,Never abandons his inheritance : the righteous attain their right ,And the upright in heart will have future. ( 14-15 ) ( Psalm 94 ( 93)

Reflection A.BigCuore :The Lord never abandons his children !It is God with us , the Emanoel , is always at our sideAnd in our hearts ! For that reason they must not fear any Evil, for He sends us his angels to protect us allThe snares of the Adversary !The heart without sin , does he come to live ourHeart!.

Our heart becomes LIVE Tabernacle , in constant Worship of the Lord God !How great is your power, O Lord !How wonderful everything is created ! The sun, moon , stars , forests ,The fauna, flora , etc. . Everything that is BLESSING ! Blessing upon blessing !For brothers and sisters , always praise the name of the Lord God, forHe always does wonders for us ! It starts in the backgroundThe pit of depression , panic , distress and our suffering !It is 

He who promises, " the upright hearts , will future " ! Those who respect the Lord , always practicing His JUSTICE , especiallyThe weak and helpless ; satiating hunger them , giving them drink ;Curing their diseases , will be ensuring your passport to paradise promised by Him Praise be to God forever ! Amen !

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