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"Psalmidic Poem" - 22(21) God Hears The Poor


Antoni BigCuore*


"My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Despite my screams, my prayer does not reach you!
By day I cry, my God, do not answer me.
Crying at night, and if you do not me!
And you dwell in the Sanctuary, where Israel shall praise thee!

Our fathers trusted in You;
They trusted, and Thou salved them;
Shouted to Thee, and were free,
They trusted in You, and did not disappoint.
As for me, I am a worm, and no man;
Laughter of men and contempt of the people. "(Psalm 21 (22)

A. BigCuore´s Reflection:

The Psalmist makes clear the situation of sick, poor
And oppressed by their enemies!
Is the situation of someone who really is the bottom
Pit of trials and tribulations;
His enemies are compared to wild animals, buffalo, bull
Of Bashan, etc..

But whenever the end of each "psalmidic" poem , the author
Let your light always HOPE in the Lord God!
"Of Thee comes my praise in the great assembly.
I will perform my vows in the presence of that fear.
The poor shall eat and be satisfied, praise the Lord
Those who seek Him: "What your heart alive
Forever! "(V. 26-27)

Prayer: Lord God, we poor sinners and, many
Sometimes this earthly life, we go through similar situations.
We are oppressed, maligned, scorned, but never loses
We hope in Thy Justice, Lord God!

Have mercy on us all, men and women on pilgrimage
Throughout the world, in search of paradise that Your Son Jesus promised
In its passage through this world!
Thank you Lord, for the GIFT OF OUR FAITH, who gave us in Baptism! Thank you for the gift of our lives! What we do
Her true love poem to your work of Creation! Amen!

(sp.sp. 05.02.2013, 3rd Monday, at 14.26 hrs.)
(*)Psalmidic Poem, it means that the Poem was inspired in the Psalm. (*)Author is writer in São Paulo,Brasil. Acess his poetic link: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore and his BLOG BEM VIVER (WELL LIVING)- http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com

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