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Pope´s Resignation and The Power Used For Evil


Antoni BigCuore *

Sp.sp. 14/15, 02.2013, 5 Mondays, at 16.41 hrs.)At any time in human history, the struggle for power has always been. Be a higher grade or even in the simplest cases, it has always been coveted by people not usually prepared to exercise it.Says an old adage. You want to really know a person? Then give him a job!. It's true. As people become facing a charge however small.

See the most recent case which shocked the world, especially the Catholic Christian world: a WAIVER OF POPE!Why he resigned? This is the big question hanging in the air, and he alone, Papa, you can tell the real reasons for his resignation.He hinted some things on Ash Wednesday, in his homily in the Sistine Chapel.

It suggests that, inside the Vatican, there are cardinals who exerted great resistance to the ideas and decisions of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI. It is the internal power struggle! Some speculate that journalists would be Italian cardinals seeking regain power in Rome. Other measures that were thwarted by the Pope took on the problems of pedophilia in the Church; others attribute the scandal Butler, others to their state of health, etc..Finally, a range of speculations that only the depths of His Holiness, could clarify the naked truth. History will tell us in a few years.

By way of illustration, we cite some ideas which have been entered in his homily for Ash Wednesday in Rome, as fully published in the Official THE STATE OF SÃO PAULO, on 14 February 2013, at pages A-13.

Quoting the Prophet Joshua, the Pope says: "... Joshua led the people of Israel:" Thus saith the Lord: come back to me with all your heart, with fasting, with weeping and wailing "(2.12). It must be underlined the phrase "with all my heart," which means the center of our thoughts and feelings, the roots of our decisions, choices, actions, with a gesture of radical and total freedom. ""But is this possible with God? Yes, because there is not a force that resides in our hearts, but that is freed from the heart of God himself. It is the power of his mercy. He also says the prophet: "Voltais the Lord, your God, because He is merciful and gracious, slow to anger, great in love, ready to correct themselves over to evil." (V. 13).

"The Lord's return is possible as" grace "because it is the work of God and fruit of faith we repositioned in his mercy. This return to God becomes a reality in our life only when God's grace penetrates deep down and shakes them, giving us the strength to "pierce the heart." It also echoes the prophet from God these words: "Dilacerai the heart and not the clothes" (v.13). In fact, even in our day, many are ready to smash their clothes before scandals and injustices - naturally committed by others - but few seem willing to act on their own "heart" on their conscience and on their intentions, let the Lord transform, renew and convert. "

Later he says: "I think particularly in blows against the unity of the church, the divisions in the ecclesial body. Living Lent in a more clear and intense ecclesial communion, overcoming individualism and rivalries, a signal is humble and precious to those who are far from faith or indifferent. " (My italics).

He cites the "return to God with all my heart," implies adopting the spirit of Lent, as already provided in the Mosaic Law, which Jesus followed to the letter: almsgiving, prayer and fasting. "Then he gives a "wink" to the cardinals that "fried" in the Vatican, saying, "So He (Jesus in this case) denounces religious hypocrisy, the behavior that you want appears, habits seeking approval and applause. The true disciple does not serve himself or to "public", but your Lord, in simplicity and generosity. "I, your Father, who sees in secret will reward you." (Mt 6, 4,6,18). (My italics).Prophetic words and hard against "those Christians" who use the church for their personal interests and often unmentionable!.


Was yesterday, meditating the First Letter of Paul to the Corinthians, chapter 2 and 3, verse 7: "We teach something hidden and mysterious: the wisdom of God, that he designed from the beginning of the world to take us to their gloria. No authority in the world knew this wisdom, because if they had they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. ""Vs. 10: For the Spirit searches all things, even the depths of God. Who knows deeply the intimate life of man is the spirit of man which is in him. Likewise, only the Spirit of God knows what is in God. As for us, we have not received the spirit of the world but the Spirit who is from God, to know the gifts of God's grace. " (12)"V.14: Closed in himself, the man refuses to accept what comes from the Spirit of God."

See now the power struggle which I spoke above. Chapter 3, vol. 4: "When someone says," I follow Paul, "and another says," I am of Apollos, "are not you behaving like anyone?".VS. 6: "I planted, Apollos watered, but God had made to grow."

Paul speaks of conflicts in the communities of Corinth so many years ago and now, confronted with the words of His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI, we see that the context of today repeats.Scenario vanities, selfishness, egotism, exhibitionism, even our senior pastors!What can this Lent, we Catholic Christians, to reflect on the true DISCIPLESHIP OF JESUS ​​CHRIST!Humility above all!. God searches our hearts. So there is no need to speak of the work we do on behalf of others, like charity, for example. God knows the innermost of each of us and reward us far from our labors!

May the Holy Spirit of God, inspire our cardinals to choose a pope prepared for the new era.ALL POWER IS THE GRACE OF GOD! And MUST only be used for the promotion of COMMON GOOD!. Outside of that, it is missing the truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ!Jesus Christ, yesterday, today and forever shall REIGN in our hearts and not petty vanities!Praise God for ever! Amen!

(*) Author is Catholic and Christian writer of São Paulo, Brazil. Know his link evangelizer: and its WELL LIVE BLOG -BLOG BEM VIVER-

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