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Only Love Of God Liberates Truly



By Antoni BigCuore**

"Blessed is he whose offense is acquitted,
Whose sin is covered.
Happy the man to whom the Lord does not indicate any wrongdoing. "

"I said," I will confess to the Lord my fault! "
And You absolveste mine iniquity, and my sin forgiven. "
"So that all the faithful supplicate Thee
In time of trouble: if the mighty waters overflowing,
Never reach.
You are my refuge, You freed me from trouble, and I envolves
With songs of deliverance. "(1)

A.BigCuore´s Reflection

Lord God, your love only truly free!
When I am in sin, feel the black cloud on the
My head, my mind is disturbed and feel handcuffed.
But when humble myself before you, everything changes
As if by magic!

Your LIGHT back to brighten my life!
The minh 'soul feels an ecstatic RELEASE;
My heart feels Thy peace, which is the one that releases
Praise God forever! Amen!
(sp.sp.04.02.2013, 2nd Monday at 9.12 hrs.)
Source: Pauline Bible, pastoral edition, pg. 702.

(*)Psalmidic =  It means inspired in the Psalm. It´s an adjetive. (**)Author is writer in Sao Paulo,Brazil. Acess his link in net: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore and his BLOG BEM VIVER - http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com

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