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Godless Heart Produces Violence

                                                                   Antoni BigCuore *

(Sp.sp. 11.12.2012, 3rd Monday, at 18.23 hrs.)
Analyzing the current situation of our society, what we found:The culture of death is everywhere on the planet, as well as Pope John Paul II.The culture of violence vai piling up Aspiral made a worm.Every human being born to win the love of God. We are creatures and, with baptism, we become children of God.

In our country, specifically, what we can "read" in our reality? A complete reversal of values. Being corrupt appear to be something "normal", while ethics, decency, true values ​​such as truth, right, justice, ethics, honesty, solidarity, friendship, brotherhood, peace, love etc.. Appear figures fiction.

Urge REDEEM these values ​​lest we fall in total CHAOS planet. People are freaking out for any things. Stress increases, according to a company that grows without minimal planning. Facilitates the purchase of cars, consumer durables, etc.. but does not solve the garbage problem and not social prepares people (do not give them education) for the use of these assets correctly.People have no CONSCIENCE OF CITIZENSHIP! And the few who have not engaged in the day to day, unfortunately.

And our children and youth, gives to save them? How?
I understand that parents should talk more with their children, teach them the immutable values ​​such as honesty, ethics, solidarity, friendship, similar to RESPECT, traffic education, education in relation to the environment (recycling garbage, p. ex.), in public transport etc.. And not transfer to the mission of educating teachers. In school you get knowledge, instructions. True education comes from CRADLE!!

It is imperative to rescue the family!. The Sunday lunch is a great opportunity to MEET all of it, to unwind and transfer values ​​to children and youth.Unfortunately, the advertising of alcoholic beverages, especially beer, are reaping most of our young people, who, misguided, do whatever comes to mind. They leave the ballads completely drunk or drugged and then some even "drive" the vehicles themselves!

Gasp! This is our Brazil today! And nobody does anything to alleviate the situation. Governments create palliative and forget the true antidote: a good education and instruction!Question that remains: the human need motivation to drink? Need massive propaganda in primetime, especially beer?Who drinks, will always drink and does not need any encouragement! Your body is already so addicted that the body requires to drink.

All this broth reminds me of the emperor Nero who ordered set fire to Rome. To keep "the masses" alienated, she gave the people bread and circuses. In Brazil today is not much different. Football is the modern form (not to play more Christians to the lions in the arena) to dispose of the nation's political corruption that is rampant in our country shamelessly!Even when my Heavenly God??

Finally, we reflect on what the Master Jesus tells us in the Gospel of John, chapter 8, verses 31-32: "If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples know the truth, and the truth will free you." (1)Fathers and Mothers, reflect on these beautiful words of Jesus and putting them into practice, and receive graces in abundance!Holy Christmas to all (as)!

Source (1) - Pauline Bible, pastoral edition, 1989, pg. 1367(*) Author is writer and communicator of the gospel of Jesus Christ to all planet. Know your WELL LIVE BLOG - and his link: 

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