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BLOG BEM VIVER reached the Mark Of 7,000 Readings

                                                                  Antoni BigCuore *

(Sp.sp. 15.11.2012, 5th Friday at 10.57 hrs.)

I created my BLOG LIVE WELL, a year ago, with the following proposal: texts of self, spirituality homeostatic, and healthy living.
Modern man is adrift!. The secularized world where almost everything is money, does not satisfy the urge of his fullness. The man is increasingly distant from God. The technology replaces in most countries, especially those that have a better standard of living that underdeveloped. Searching for happiness in places where it is not.

Happiness is within ourselves, when we discover that God dwells in us, since when we are baptized. The "ego" is volatile. The "inner self or spirit", but this ensures the happiness and balance of our lives. JESUS ​​CHRIST, should be our motivation to live large! Well live!He said: "I am the Way, the Truth and the Life. No one comes to the Father except through me. "My mission is EVANGELISING by the media. Therefore, use the Internet to reach the largest number of countries and, consequently, people.

I put the texts in Portuguese, English and Italian, to facilitate the work of the readers. English is the universal Anglo-American influence in the business world, for it is the second priority.Thank God the public has understood my proposal primarily in Brazil and other foreign countries, such as:

0.1. Brazil0.2. USA0.3. Germany0.4. Russia0.5. Portugal0.6. Italy0.7. France0.8. Spain0.9. Canada0.10. UK0.11. China0.12. India0.13. Nigeria0.14. Mozambique0.15. New Zealand0.16. Servia0.17. United Arab Emirates0.18. Malaysia0.19. Denmark0.20. Angola0.21. Poland0.22. Malaysia

Thank you, my heart's Corner readers of Letters and Facebook friends.You are helping me EVANGELISING Planet, with messages of love, peace, joy, love and friendship!!

I pray to God to send them now, blessings of health, peace, prosperity, HARMONY, and joy in their hearts!Shalom!! God Bless You!You who have not accessed, this is your opportunity. Do it now:

http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com - BLOG LIVE WELL, full color, with illustrative images and content that can be read by people from zero to 100 years!THANKS FOR EVERYTHING! God bless you always!

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