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Science Not Brought Hapiness - 2


Antoni BigCuore Casagrande*

(Sp.sp.22.06.2008, Sunday at 15.35 hrs.) (Alt. 11/09/2012)Says psychiatrist Dr.Augsto Cury: "We thought that science would solve all human problems. Not resolved. Science has not banned the aggression, not eliminate selfishness, individualism is not decimated, not excised unhappiness and not promoted solidarity. Why? The problem is not in science. The problem is in the soul of man that produces science. "(1)

With science mankind has been improving all the methods of working with technology and, above all, she was doing wonderful things, faster, more efficient. Companies were being modernized and adapted to the changing times, creating its own market differential in order to remain the same.Information technology has a magic touch in human communications: internet, cell phone, computers, and all electronic paraphernalia, but was not able to invent MACHINE OF HAPPINESS!

Effectively well remembered by Dr.Augusto Cury. The problem is the human soul and this soul this same increasingly ill, aimlessly, without differential!. Why? Because you forgot to develop SPIRITUALITY within himself.Self-knowledge, spirituality and healthy living, behold the tripod that helps release and leads to true happiness, in my modest understanding.

                     HAPPINESS AND MISERY, ARE WITHIN OURSELVESShe is in PURE CONSCIOUSNESS, will and action. Unfortunately, we are not trained since childhood in the field of emotion. Not learned to manage well our thoughts. We act without thinking, when it should be the opposite. Often act on impulse, and this brings us great distress.Thoughts create emotions and feelings. So, the most difficult task is to get control over our thoughts!. Difficult, but not impossible, it is a matter of training. 

By transcendental meditation and neuromuscular blockade, if it can.The mind can be your friend or foe. Depends on how you manage.The word emotion comes from the Latin past participle of the verb "emovere" emotus. It means putting in motion, shake.Is not this what happens when we are in the grip of emotion, a great inner turmoil?She drives all endocrine glands and the hypothalamus triggers supras kidney that secrete excessive amount of adrenaline in the blood, causing tachycardia, palpitations etc..                                                         *7*7*7*7*7*7*7*

Our emotional quotient (LL), is very low due to not exercitarmos since childhood. Unfortunately ignorance is very large on the planet earth, yet.We're in the 21st century, and in the world there are still very hungry and very ignorant. Unfortunately, the global power elites, lack of political will CHANGE nothing about it.If there was the political will of world leaders would be relatively easy to solve the problem.Selfishness prevails in all this, alas.We understand that the great reference, is the Master of all masters, "Jesus," the best of the best ". Yes he should be the parameter of all mankind. He never knew how to manage their emotions and feelings.He loved deeply human and, like a good teacher, taught the people healed, and freed physically, intellectually and emotionally, giving them a new direction in their lives, ultimately teaching them the way to true happiness!

JESUS ​​LOVED EVERY HUMAN UNCONDITIONALLY! EIS SECRET OF YOUR EMOTIONAL GOOD MANAGER!The marginalized were his favorites because they were despised and oppressed by society, and he always tried to redeem their dignities. He learned to truly love!The world today is hungry for God! Unfortunately just looking for happiness in material things and despises the delicacies of the soul. Pity, because if not for the love vai, vai pain.Which path do you choose? Love or pain? The choice is yours!(1) Source: Training the emotion to be happy. Cury, Augusto, pgs. 169/170. Planet Publisher.

(*) Author is writer, singer and songwriter in Sao Paulo, Sp Access his link evangelizing - www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore and its WELL LIVE BLOG - BLOG BEM VIVER - http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com (self, spirituality and healthy living). At the Corner of Letters, is published texts with 1702, with 446,000 hits!. And the live blog as well, being read in over 12 foreign countries. Check it out!

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