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Serene Look Calms the Heart


Spirituality and Healthy Life

Antoni BigCuore Casagrande*

(Sp.sp. 26.09.2012, 4th Thursday at 14.24 hrs.)In the Book of Proverbs Article 15, verse 30, we read: "Look serene gladdens the heart, GOOD NEWS AND RENEW THE FORCES".

When we fail to prevail in us DIVINE LIGHT, everything shines in us and through which we illuminate and transform the environment.When most people achieve what the great masters of the East said, "LIGHTING state", or "pure consciousness", the world will be the true paradise!The world is in disarray. Why?. Because this disorder is provided by projecting the NEGATIVE HUMAN MIND!Only a calm mind, is capable of transmitting up to look at, good news, good energy.

You already spoke with the kind of person who only speaks in diseases, for example? I know several and when I come near them with my light, it seems to bother them.
It is amazing that these emanate NEGATIVE ENERGY!

Rather, positive person, where she walks, she LIGHTS whole environment, transforming it into a game multicolored beauty and tenderness. Why? Because that person is inevitably a SPIRITUAL level than others.

Do not kid yourselves. The human being is an INTEGRAL, multidimensional: spirit, mind and body. In my thesis homeostatic balance of personality (read my E.BOOK in Recanto das Letras) talk about it, the importance of developing FULLY.

We HARMONIZE in ourselves, factors spiritual, physical and emotional. Not much use, develop only one of these factors. The 3 foot stool will fall!Prayer, for example, is the living sap the spiritual factor. Without it, there was never reaches the true personality LIGHTING. The human being as part of COSMOS, must live in constant tune with it, so you can feed this life-giving sap that flows from the Heart of God.

Finally, the key to the safe SHARING is the true happiness that is born in the heart of God and can achieve our too, since the simple AVAILABLE for divine action. That's it! That's all!.

(*) Author is writer and publisher of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole planet. Know his link: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore and his BLOG BEM VIVER - WELL LIVE BLOG - http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com (sel-knoledge, spirituality and healthy living).

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