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GOD Loves Us As A Whole

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Antoni BigCuore*

"Lord, I thank you with all my heart,
Proclaiming all its wonders!
I rejoice and exult in Thee,
And touch thy name, O Most High "(Slmo.9, 2) (a)

Lord, how powerful your holy name
For all the earth!
Thou art a God of love, not punish us, just
Your love and mercy is infinite!
I praise You and bless Your holy name,
Now and for ever!

When I feel the bottom of
Depression and sadness, You withdrawest me there,
And breathes the Holy Spirit in your Mommy 'soul
And it was renewed; find new strength
To continue with joy, his noble
Mission on earth!

Lord, Thou art a God that loves us all!
Your work is always perfect, nothing you do in half;
Your love is so great that you sent your Son Jesus
Christ to save us from sin and to demonstrate to
World how great is Thy love for us!

Thank you, Lord God! Your Son Jesus did not
He died in vain! Redeemed us from the stain of
Sin, taught us the true path of
Happiness; taught us only the best,
Path to comply with gallantry, our
Mission on this earth!

Thank you, heart, heavenly Father, for so much love!
Your name be praised forever! Amen!

(sp.sp.05.04.2012, 5 Mondays, Santa, at 13.25 hrs.)(*) author is writer in São Paulo,Brazil. Acess his link: and his BLOG BEM VIVER –
Source: (1) Paulinas Bible, pg. 678.

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