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Prayer To Achieve The Gifts Of The Holy Spirit

Cardinal Manning

"God the Holy Spirit, whom often grieved, who since my childhood until now resisted so many times, fill me with reverence for your person, your essence, your presence and your power. Do you know the grace of your seven gifts: the gift of intelligence, and science, the gift of counsel and might, the gift of wisdom and the gift of piety and fear of God.
You are the love between Father and Son. Baptized with fire and shed love in the hearts: pour your love into my heart. Only one thing I ask of God, not riches or well-being, not power, not passing joys or temporal goods. What I want is just a spark of your divine fire, to be entirely scorched in the flames of God's love.
"May this holy fire to cleanse me of all the stains of body and soul.
"Fill me with your sevenfold gift. Accept me as a victim enjoyable. Inflame me with zeal, give me repentance, so that live and die as fervent penitent. Amen. " (1)
BigCuore A. 's Refletion: God is a Trinitarian Community of Love. Creator Father, Son Jesus Christ, the Redeemer, the "logos", the word made flesh and the Holy Spirit, Sanctifier, the Paraclete promised by the Father

Every human creature after baptism, you are the soul introduced the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately, throughout life, many baptized "lock" these talents within themselves, not allowing the germination for the community. They are like hibernating inside you! But they are there, locked away in the heart.

It is imperative, there is a revival of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit blows where it wills, says the Master Jesus. He makes all our strength, give us courage, willingness, mental, physical and emotional, to continue to fight for our ideals land, and especially the spiritual.

The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus! It is he who continues to lead his Church, still a pilgrim on this earth.

God bless you, my brothers and sisters! Health, peace and joy in their hearts and that the Holy Spirit, continue to take hold and govern their hearts! Amen!

(1) Cf.opúsculo, the Holy Spirit Novena to St. Alphonsus Liguori. Voices Publishing, 33 th edition, pg.28
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