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How Is Your Self-Esteem?

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* Manuela Melo - Psychologist - New Song
(26/3/2010 - 6th. Monday at 9.53 hrs.)

How's your confidence?
Identify your qualities, not only limits

Each of us has an internal mental representations of the most important people in our lives, including ourselves. The self esteem, or self-image, can be consistent or distorted. In addition, we bring a mental image of what we would like to be or what they think we should be, it is the ego ideal. Self-esteem is the result of the correspondence between our self-image and our ego ideal. The more we think we are close to the way we want to be, the more balanced we have self-esteem, so contrary, the more frustrated we are with our own goals and aspirations, the more our self-esteem will be low.

Our self-image has a great influence in our lives, in our professional performance and in our interpersonal relationships. What we think about ourselves, our self-image or sense of self-worth, influences every part of our life.

Those who have a good healthy sense of self-worth and feel important, believe they have value and radiate hope, joy and confidence. In contrast, a poor self-image in tapping the energy and power of attention necessary for good in relating to others, and good interpersonal relationship is fundamental to everything we do. Our sense of inadequacy in the impossible love and give attention to others, because it leads us to feel rejected and misunderstood, fear of what we might think of us, we do not feel well in groups and do not accept ourselves as we are.

Having a poor self-image makes us worry about the opinions, praise or criticism of others, such as determining factors in our lives. A very low sense of self-worth makes us slaves to the opinions of others and prevents us from being ourselves.

So, I invite you to do an exercise at the moment and look at your mental image: What you see in yourself? Are you satisfied with what you see? What is the vision you have of yourself when you compare with others?
Write down five strengths and five weaknesses that you see in yourself.
Which list you took more time to make notes? In the strengths or weaknesses?

We must learn to see ourselves as God sees us, to discover who we are to assume our value, which comes from the fact that we image and likeness of God, sons of God, God's beloved children.
St. Paul in his Letter to the Romans (Rom 12:3), teaches us: "By the grace given to me, I recommend every one of you: no one makes it a very high idea, but make it a fair estimate, according to common sense and according to the measure of faith God has given each one. "

Our self-esteem must be balanced: neither high nor low, so that we deal with our limitations and failures, and to have healthy relationships and a correct self-image, without depreciation or elevations. Therefore, a balanced self-esteem is fundamental to all of us children of God, so that we can evangelize, that we may be cheerful and happy in every circumstance.
What do you do to have a self-esteem and a positive self-image and balanced?
Start working on your self-worth, realizing that you are a person created by God, image and likeness of God, with limits and qualities. You need to understand that their value is not what you do or have, in you, be on your person, with all that you are, your temperament, your gifts and talents.

Try to identify what are their qualities and not only its limits. Learning to deal with our limitations and understand that nobody is perfect, we all have limitations and qualities, it is essential to a balanced self-esteem and self-image. Learn to not charge as much, and does not charge the other also. Learn to accept yourself as you are. In the process, learn from experiences, from mistakes and failures is essential. From what we live, we need to make a positive side, learning, so nothing is in vain, because everything has its advantage.

Physical activity, do simple things in everyday life you like, take a moment to take care of yourself, your body and your health, also favor self-esteem.
In conclusion: to have a balanced self-esteem is more important to have a proper self-worth, knowing deal with our limitations and failures. Since there is a good way to go then to work on ourselves, let us on the way. The place itself is already on the way to an attitude that will raise the self esteem, and little by little, day after day, a process that sometimes is slow, but it must be continuous, we reached a fair estimate of ourselves.

 Manuela Melo
Missionary of New Song Community, formed in Psychology with a specialization in Logotherapy and an MBA in Human Resource Management. (Sp.sp., 26.03.2010


A.BigCuore `s Refletion: **: A positive self-image, consistent with the ego ideal, relies heavily on the socio-cultural stage of child and youth
a person experienced.

Any influence of the external environment, family and social context, are super important in determining a REALISTIC AND SELF-ESTEEM WINNER.

So, looking at life and his own career with realistic optimism, is a very concrete way to build a good self-esteem.

(** Antoni is BigCuore is a Christian Writer in São Paulo, Brazil. Acess his BLOG BEM VIVER - http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com in his link: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore(Inspired in 18.01.2012).

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