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Happiness - The Law Of Kindness - 2

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Antoni BigCuore*

Continuing to our essay on the 7 Ways to Happiness, speak today of the second law, the Law of Kindness (Give and Take).
Our body, mind and spirit (soul), are in constant interaction with the universe. We are part of this wonderful universe created by God.
It provides us all! How wonderful this universe. Have you ever stopped to think about it?

The air we breathe, the water we eat daily this wonderful liquid so scarce in today's world, the food we eat, the household goods, technology, internet, finally, all the material needed for a decent life, in all this offers the universe created by God, a generous act of love!

Our body is made of the same material in a plant, for example, carbon, hydrogen and nitrogen, so we are intimately united with the universe. The difference is that man is rational and irrational plant. The universe is basically energy and information!
Imagine a river. It has its normal flow and flows into a larger river and this, in turn, empties into the ocean.

Life is movement. It is an eternal give and take. All that up is down. The blood flow in their arteries, they have to move, but coagulates and the person dies.
Do you work (giving of her knowledge, services) and in return receives his salary. Every worker deserves his wages.
San Francisco, in his beautiful prayer said that: It is giving that we receive!

If you want love, give love! If you want to donate understanding  to others, understand them. If you want to always be greeted with a smile, give smiles to others. You want joy? Do (talk words denoting such intention) joy to others.

I confess to you, I inherited from my mother the talent to raise self esteem. I am always sincerely praising the people of my association. I am positive words to tell you that boost their self esteem.
Above all, I thank God for the gift of his life. The wonders he has made available to us to be happy. For, in fact, that every human being longs is HAPPINESS!.

You want money, but it is a "cow hand", or not opening the hand to greet people, how you want the money to flow in a circular existential? . Just want to accumulate. The act of accumulating, hinders the flow of universal energy that has to MOVE!.

I make the experience of tithing. The Bible says it is the moral obligation of every Christian, to tithe. There is, however, stipulated amount, is that your heart is willing! God will never forsake! The return is right, harvest ditto. But be generous! How much more you give, receive more, for sure. But doe without worrying about the return. He always comes multiplied.

Dear reader (a) make the experience. From now on, every person you meet, give her a smile, a greeting, a simple good morning, good night, good luck, God bless you so. Speak and you will see something you really begin to change. It gets energized, even anointed!

Jesus, the Master of all masters, "the best of the best", once said: KNOW THE TRUTH AND THE TRUTH Shall Set You Free!.
Do unto others, WHATEVER YOU DO THEM!

There is another in a crowd! Be creative! Move, love yourself, move and feel the positive flow of energy cosmic will mate to your individual flow, radically changing their lives for the better! Good luck
OBS. Our next will have: The Law of Non Resistance.
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(*) Author is  writer, singer and composer in São Paulo, SP.Brasil. Get his BLOG BEM VIVER - and his link:: - (inspired text on 7/17/2008, 5 Mondays, at 9.59 hrs.)

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