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7 Ways To Happiness

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* Antoni BigCuore

(Inspired by sp.sp.11.07.2008, 6 Friday at 16.30 hrs.)
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Life is really a great school. By experience, and considering all the books I've read, I studied philosophy (the Greek philosophers, especially) and all my "background", I came to develop what I call, seven paths (Antoni BigCuore) for happiness.

The paths I walked the path and still are seven, the biblical number of perfection.

Here they are, as follows:

0.1. Knowing yourself (self-awareness or pure consciousness of self)

0.2. Act of kindness (giving and receiving)

0.3. Law of Non Resistance

0.4. Present Law

0.5. Law of Return

0.6. Law of Intention and Desire

0.7. Law of Gratitude to God

I assume that everything is made, conceived in the spiritual. The human being is spirit, mind and body. God created us, the Bible wisely says, in his own image and likeness. Consequently we can, somehow, we consider "gods" in miniature. That is, we are in gods and demons. It all depends on our hearts, our conscience and act as if under the laws of the Lord, or under the laws of the world, the laws of the ego.

As the topic is too long, you can write up a book about it, now here we address only the first law: LAW OF KNOWING YOURSELF. Then write each particular law (all published exclusively here at the Corner).

0.1. The Law of Knowing yourself.
Nobody in their right mind can achieve their goals in life at any level, if you do not know the depths of your being.

That's what I call knowing the "Deep Self" (or higher) or even "pure consciousness".
Everything that exists in the material, is nothing more than the projection of the spirit of God and even men. We imagine the invention of the car, for example.

Henry Ford when he thought of creating the car, first of all, he was drawing on his mind and heart, as it should be this car.

Fulfilled, round, oval, with straight lines or more oblique, in short, he drew his design on a piece of paper, and then the car was created.
See the great human inventions that have become products.
Appliances, refrigerator, stove, iron, television, computer, internet, aircraft, rockets etc..

All this, existed in the spiritual!. There is a common mind in the universe, the great philosopher once said, Emerson.
Someone lit captured messages and turned them into reality, material.

One might ask, but how to get in contact with the inner Self or pure consciousness?
Nice question. The first thing to get in touch with the "pure consciousness", it is imperative to learn to relax.

One has to enter in the "Alpha State of Mind." For the reader an idea, the brain waves are measured by the electroencephalogram, as follows.

0.1. Beta waves. The person is in a state of alert. It is the state of everyday consciousness. Issue 13 to 25 cycles per second (total awareness);

0.2. Alpha waves. The person is in a good degree of relaxation. The brain emits waves ranging from 8 to 12 cycles per second, this level is also considered ideal for hypnosis.

0.3. Theta waves. The brain sends 4 to 7 cycles per second;

0.4. Delta waves. State of deep sleep. The brain sends 5-3 cycles per second. (1)

Well, when we get into alpha waves (relaxation good), our mind will be "empty." If by chance it is not empty, then there is the right time to suggest your goals, objectives, or desires.

Science has proven that in the "ALFA" of the mind, the person feels no fear, feels no anger, no hate, do not feel so sad. Hardly feel any negative emotion!.

You have total control of himself, his conscience. Do not force your brain, you are accumulating too much power.
After that, it's your imagination and your goals.
What do you want to achieve in life? Money, material goods, peace of mind or happiness?
At this level, you are plugged into the universal current positive '.

I particularly before going to bed I thank God for the gift of my life. Thank God, another wonderful day I enjoyed the property of the universe. For my health and my family and friends.
Here, then, the phrases that I say softly, like a lullaby.


Sleep in peace, in perfect balance, cool and calm!


I say 7 times every sentence. The number seven in the Bible is the number of perfection. This is not superstition!

In the next chapter, let's talk about the Law of Kindness (giving and receiving).

* Antoni BigCure. Author is a Christian Writer in São Paulo, SP.Brasil. Get his BLOG BEM VIVER - http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com and his link: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore - GOD BLESS YOU!

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