domingo, 22 de janeiro de 2012

Cultivate the Patience


Antoni BigCuore*

"We know that all things work together for good to them that love God, who are called according to his project," says the Letter of St. Paul to the Romans, chapter 8, verse 28. (1)

Do not be overwhelmed by anger, envy and distrust. God will never forsake. He acts in his time, which is quite different from ours.

So reads the Book of Sirach, Chapter 2, verses 4-6: "Accept everything that happens to you, and be patient at times of sorrow, as gold is tried in the fire and the people chosen in the furnace of humiliation. Trust in the Lord and he will help you, your path is straight and wait on the Lord. "(2)

We feed our mind with good thoughts always, as well radiate around us, the energy of love, peace, patience and happiness.

Cultivate patience always, because she is the mother of genius!.

When faced with a difficulty, the first thing to do is "let the dust settle," then calmly go in thinking about possible or potential solutions to your problem.

Trust in God and yourself! He gave all understanding for you to be happy. Trust and act!

(1) Paulinas Pastoral Bible Edition, 1989, pg. 1450 - (2) ibid pg. 903.
(*) Catholic Christian author and writer in São Paulo, SP. Christian Author is writer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Access his
blog BEM VIVER - and his link: antonibigcuore (amended sp.sp. 24.01.2012, 3rd Tuesday, at 16.38 hrs. )

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