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Antoni BigCuore*

Date: 03.17.2016, 5th Thursday at 15.49 hoursBrazilian society assists the biggest political crisis of all time, due in large part by a red and spurious ideology that took the Brazilian government's account. (Read DESIGN POWER CRIMINO, according to words of the Minister, Hon. Sr.Dr.CELSO DE MELO, the FTS Dean in its opinion on the "monthly allowance").This week was meditating on Psalm 82 (81), which fits very well to the reality of today in Brazilian political life. Let's see, "in verbis":

"God rises in the divine council, among the gods he judges:" How long will you judge unjustly, supporting the cause of the unjust ?. Protect the weak and the fatherless, do justice to the poor and needy, release the poor and the indigent, and rid the hand of the wicked! ""They do not know, do not understand, wander in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are shaken. I declare: "Although you are gods, and all sons of the Most High, you will die like any man. You, princes, shall fall like any other. "

"Arise, O God, and judge the earth, for all nations belong to you." ( 1 )Now transcribe the footnotes of that Psalm. "Collective prayer, denouncing the corruption of judges and rulers. The authorities are called "gods,"'porque exert a function which, by nature, belongs only to God: to perform justice. And justice is to protect and defend the defenseless, freeing the poor and weak, who are the majority of the people against whom the exploits and oppresses. But when the authorities turn aside its function, using the power to legitimize and promote injustice, then the society becomes chaos, falsely presented as order. "


Any resemblance to the current Brazilian political reality is mere coincidence or not ?. Let us see: Dilma and Llulla, do not behave like "gods" when positioned above good and evil ???. Especially, the Llulla, now the tapes recorded by the Federal Police, the "Car Wash" operation, is not evident to my assertion?

In one of the recordings he OFFEND and disqualifies the Superior Courts of Justice and the Supreme Court, clearly positioning itself as a dubious character of the subject, whose wording is typical of the margin of the law, sending vulgar words against his "political enemies". (Meaning If here the majority of the population, who wants so much that he, lulla, Dilma and Pt. go away power !!!).

The "Queen of England" Dilma (as it gave the SWAT and named Llulla not to be arrested by the Federal Police of Paraná) then committed several crimes of responsibility, ripping the Constitution and, God willing (and I think he wants) it will be chased away from power, by democratic means, namely, through the National Congress and the Supreme Court

The fastest way (since it is not statesmanship to RESIGN!) Is even for preventing through the National Congress for the good of Brazil !.

(1,2) Paulinas Bible, pastoral edition, pg.762. Exegete Pe.José Bertolin. 
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