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Reflection On The Gospel Of Sunday, 2.015, 09, 06

By Antoni BigCuore *Date: 04/09/15, Tuesday 6th at 09.29 hours.Location: Brazil, Sao Paulo, SP.

Marcos- as gospel (Mk 7.31 to 37)

"At that time, 31.Jesus went out again from the region of Tyre, went through Sidon and went to the Sea of ​​Galilee, through the region of Decapolis.Then 32.Bring a deaf man who spoke with difficulty, and asked Jesus to impose his hand. 33.Jesus walked away with the man, out from the crowd; then put his fingers in his ears, he spat saliva and touched his tongue. 34.Looking to heaven, sighed and said, "Ephphatha!" Which means, "Open up!"35. Immediately his ears were opened, his tongue was loosened and he began to speak without difficulty.

36.Jesus recommended that they should not tell anyone. But the more he recommended, the more they proclaimed it.37. Very impressed, said: "He has done all things well: To the deaf hear and the dumb does speak." Word of Salvation! Praise to you Lord! "(1)


Scene and its Elements: Cities and regions pagan Tyre and Sidon; Deaf-mute; Jesus is a great sign of liberation.

Jesus, faithfully fulfilling the mission that the Father has entrusted to him, would always meet the lost sheep and of those poor and destitute of the oppressive society of his time.It was brought unto him a deaf, and the Master frees saying: "Ephphatha," which means "Open up." And it was so. The deaf and almost dumb, was totally RELEASED by the action of Jesus.

For many people who saw the Master of the signs, they had a "miracle worker" and wanted almost whenever he perform "signs", especially the Pharisees and teachers of the law, to incriminate Power.

Jesus had a preference for the poor and oppressed of the society of his time, because they were marginalized by unfair STRUCTURES.

And these days, (2015) we are seeing? The facts being repeated in a different socio cultural context, but the essence remains the same. Take the case of immigrants who are trying to flee their land to get to Europe. 

They are generally poor, destitute, hungry and thirsty for a dignified life! And act like the powerful nations ?. With prejudice and fear that they (immigrants) will take their jobs and make them the "COMFORT ZONE".

See our Brazil today. The people (the majority) was deceived by politicians who "protemeram" improvements in their lives and them "delivered" lies and bills to pay.


0.1. What can we do to better our city and our country?0.2. As Jesus would see the social reality of today?0.3. As we Christians must orient our behavior to improve society as a whole? With ethical and supportive postures? Or thinking about our own navels?

May the blessings of heaven be poured in profusion on our country in order to find social justice paths, ETHICS, competence and seriousness to the tract of public goods.The blessing (the parnassah of God) on all of you, He who is Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Amen (parnassah is blessing that never ceases for the blessing of blessings, it is God himself).

(*) The author is a writer and communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the entire planet. Know his BLOG BEM VIVER - Living Well Blog - and his poetic and philosophical link: (1) - Text extracted site Canção Nova.

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