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GOSPEL OF SUNDAY 2.015/06/14


By Antoni BigCuore*

Date: 06/13/2015

Proclamation of the Gospel (Mk 4.26 to 34)
.Naquele Time, 26Jesus told the crowd: "The kingdom of God is like when someone spreads the seed in the ground. 27Ele go to sleep and wake up, night and day, and the seed will germinate and grow, but he does not know how it happens. 28A earth, itself, produces the fruit: first leaves appear, then comes the ear and finally the grains that fill the ear. 29Quando the grain is ripe, the man then puts the sickle, because the harvest has come. "

30And Jesus went on: "How else can we compare the kingdom of God? What parable will use to represent you? 31 Kingdom of God is like a mustard seed which, when sown in the earth, is the smallest of all seeds on earth. 32Quando is sown, grows up and becomes greater than all herbs, and extends branches so great that the birds of the air can shelter in its shade. "33Jesus announcing the Word using many parables like these, as they could understand. 34E only spoke to them in parables, but when he was alone with his disciples he explained everything.

A. BIGCUORE´S REFLECTION: My brothers and sisters in Christ, Good Morning! This beautiful text reminds us of the idea of ​​what the Kingdom of God and how it manifests itself. The mission of the Master, designated by the Heavenly Father was and is towards DEPLOY ON EARTH, the Kingdom of God.

Once sown the seed of the Kingdom, begun by him and his disciples, you can compare to a seed that is buried in the ground. The farmer puts fertilizer, watering weekly and she will TRANSFORMING within the earth. All this so that we do not realize, as she is fulfilling its natural cycle.Completed its cycle, it breaks the earth and becomes visisível. And it will trransformando to become a great tree, in the specific case of the mustard seed, the smallest among all, tells us Jesus.

By baptism, we Christians have the DUTY to plant and care for the seed of the Word of God and once digested it must be RADIATED to all people of our social circles. Above all, by example, the Christian will be showing others that he is a different person to follow Jesus.

Baptism received seven (7) gifts of the Holy Spirit: wisdom, Inteligency, Counsel, Fortitude, Knowledge, Piety and Fear of God. And also, his twelve (12) fruits: peace, joy, kindness, love etc.

Only under the influence of the Holy Spirit of God, we can contribute to the promotion of his Kingdom. The Kingdom actually started with Adam and Eve and progressed by the action of the Prophets, culminating with the birth of Jesus. And he remains under the command of CHURCH TEACHING, which traces the guidelines for us Christians, we continue to improve it.

THE KINGDOM OF GOD, IS IN FACT, HIS OWN GOD AND ALL HIS LEGACY. We need discernment to understand how it manifests in its fullness of love.

A happy and holy Sunday to all. Grace and blessings of health, peace and joy in their hearts! Amen!

(*) A.BigCuore is writer, singer and communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the entire planet. Access and disclose his BLOG BEM VIVER -  LIVE WELL BLOG - http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com and his poetic and philosophical link: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore

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