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Spiritual Weapons For A Happy Life

Antoni BigCuore*

Date: 06/06/2014 Sp, 6 Monday at 10.17 hrs.
"If you decide to practice each year a single virtue, and sought to improve it every day, soon to come close to perfection." (Nguyen Van Thuan) (1)

Everything in life requires a lot of fighting, a lot of effort to achieve the goal it sets, both in the material and in the spiritual. In the spiritual life, specifically Catholic Christian, the task requires a continuous learning and their main weapons are:Relaxation for a good meditation. Well relax the body and quiet your soul for better penetration into the subconscious mind;
Meditative reading of the Word of God (Holy Scriptures), especially the New Testament (lectio divina) or prayerful reading of the word.;

Practice, at least weekly, to participate in Eucharistic Celebration (holy communion accompanied by mass);
Predominant exercise of the Sacraments of Reconciliation (Confession) and Eucharist;Pray every day, the Holy Rosary (third);
Adoration of the Blessed etc all on Thursdays.
For this exercise to be well executed, requires a lot of determination of those who practice. But one thing is certain: the harvest, both in the physical, the emotional, and the spiritual, is abundant!
Says the Book of Wisdom, purportedly written by King Solomon in hisChapter 7, verses 07-14: "So I begged and intelligence was given me; invoked, and the spirit of wisdom came to me. I prefer to scepters and thrones, I thought, with her wealth as nothing. Not equiparei the most precious stone, because all gold, at his side, is a little sand; with her worth as silver clay. I loved her more than health and beauty and I set out to have her as light as its brilliance knows no sunset. She came with me all the goods in his hands, untold wealth.

"Of all of them I came, because WISDOM who brings them, but was unaware that she was the mother of all. Learned without malice, without jealousy distribute, DO NOT hide your wealth: IS A TREASURE FOR MEN INEXHAUSTIBLE; ACQUIRE THAT ATTRACT THE FRIENDSHIP OF GOD, recommended by the gifts of instruction. " (2) (emphasis added).

Solomon certainly did not know what he asked God, was nothing more than the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit and its fruits 12. Wisdom, Intelligence Council, Fortaleza, Science, Piety and Fear of God.It is worth mentioning that for us Catholics Christians have received these gifts on the occasion of our Baptism, the sacrament that is generating all the others, so that the church fathers support the thesis that when the soldier pierced Jesus' breast, on the Cross, with the spear, there flowed water and blood. Born there, hence the Sacraments of Baptism and the Eucharist!

One might ask: but then Christians can not have material goods?Of course you can; but should not be their slaves, they are just tools that God has ordained for human beings, for their spiritual improvement. Material goods used wisely, but help in our happiness.These are the spiritual weapons to achieve happiness. Self-knowledge leads to a solid spirituality and this combined with healthy lifestyle, gives us the KEY to happiness even in this land. Clearly the full happiness, only then when we're in another spiritual dimension. (Paradise promised by Jesus he said. "I am the resurrection and the life, he who believes in Me, though he shall never die.")

THE KEY TO EVERYTHING, SOLOMON DISCOVERED A 1,000 YEARS BEFORE CHRIST: Wisdom!. Discover-you too!Think about it and be happy!

(1) The Way of Hope. Edusc Publisher (Publisher University of Sacred Heart, Bauru, SP., Item 83, page 27.(2) Jerusalem Bible. Paulus publisher, page 1,214.
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