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Antoni BigCuore *
Jesus , the Master of all masters , "The Best of the Best " , when asked by Peter, his chief disciple , about how many times he should forgive seven times seven , the Master replied: " I do not say to you seven times , but seventy times seven . "Seven for the Jews is a perfect and infinite number ! Imagine you, the reader ( a) , seventy times seven (not four hundred and ninety , we think in Portuguese ) . It was an infinite number !This uttered from the mouth of the Master of all masters , Jesus!You reader must be thinking ... but this is very difficult, especially in the days today.

But even this is a challenge ! But, alas , lies the merit for the forgiver . Win the gold medal in the championship of the spiritual life ! .FORGIVE YOU NEED ! Above all , as a matter of intelligence. For it is proved scientifically that the anger , hatred , unforgiveness , are behind hundreds of psycho - somatic diseases .FORGIVE is PROFIT HEALTH ! . Forgive my brother and sister, as often as necessary , but forgive from the heart and not lip service ! .By doing so , you will be accumulating dividends in his portentous celestial savings.

The more you forgive , the freer you become ! . Inner liberation , the hottest sensation that exists for the inner dynamics ( din - in) a person . All this has a name EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE AND SPIRITUAL , the Master of all masters , JESUS ​​, proclaim ourselves in their gospels .Says , very wisely the Book of Ecclesiasticus , Article 28 , verses 1-5 : . Avenges Who will suffer the Lord's vengeance , which severely bills will ask you your sins."

" Forgive the injustice that your next commit and when you ask , God will forgive the sins you have committed. If a man keeps a grudge against another , as you can ask God to heal ? If not showing mercy toward his fellow , how dare you ask for forgiveness of their sins ? If he who is flesh , grudge guard, who will forgive his sins ? " .Wise words from the bible. No need to add anything ! .

*******Today , in the Catholic liturgical calendar begins Lent , a special all the time of conversion, forgiveness , fasting , reconciliation and joy too. There is a time , as the ancients said , sadness , scowl , sulk . It is with joy but without losing its sense of real life change . Leaving a life of addiction to a life of virtues !

It is a time to think about our relationship with God , with others and with nature . This year , the Brotherhood Campaign leads us to reflect on health in Brazil . A very pertinent issue to the liturgical season of Lent .Suggest some practical things we can do to please God . Fasting of " gossip " , cigarette , coffee , chocolate , novels , television, phone, internet ( or is that one day a week ) , drink , finally , knowingly WAIVE the one thing that we enjoyed , and we offer this sacrifice to God in reparation for the sins committed by mankind to his Sacred Heart, is an act of love , of faith , of reconciliation !

I just remembered the Prophet Isaiah , in capítulo58 , verses 6-8 says : " The fasting I want is this : stop unjust arrests , fesfazer corretes of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and shatter every yoke, sharing food with the hungry , stay in your house the poor homeless , clothe the one who is naked , ENAO close to his own people . If you do that , your light will shine like the dawn , your wounds will heal quickly , justice will you practice in front and the glory of the Lord will come following you. " (1)

The prophet said this more or less in the years 740-734 , during the reign of Jotham , and even today , we Christians still can not put all this into practice in our day to day lives .As noted , it is a very propitious text to reflect during this Lent , which began last Friday 4th day 22.02.2012 .St. Paul the Apostle tells us that "charity is the bond of perfection." Without charity , my brothers and sisters in Christ , you do not get to Eternity ! .

So long ago the Prophet said these wonderful words that Jesus came to ratify by its passage through this land , brilliantly . But humans seem hearts away from God . Want to be happy alone , by his own forces . Ledo mistake! . Without God and charity , there is no true happiness .The true fast is this well said that the Prophet Isaiah ! .Let us reflect for it, and try to put them into practice !May the blessings of Almighty God , descend upon you, about your family , about your business in profusion , He who is Father , Son and Holy Spirit , Amen !

*****( Text in overhauled sp.sp. , 24.02.2012 , 6th Friday , 09.03.2011 , 4th Thursday at 17.52 pm. 14.08.2008 Original Text , 5th Friday . ) ( * ) author is Writer in sp.sp . Access and disclosure of his evangelizing link: http://recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore and its WELL LIVE BLOG - visit : http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com (Self -Knowledge , Spirituality and Living well )

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