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Antoni BigCuore*

08/03/2011Am 03.07.2014 , 6 Monday at 19.24 hrs .
Register here , my homage to all women of the world , in particular , Brazilian , these wonderful warriors on the occasion of his day, March 08, 2014 .

There were years and years of struggle and you have earned , valiantly , the space they now occupy in the global society as a whole.

Nevertheless , there is still much prejudice and discrimination against women , she has been steadily climbing positions highlights the global society. There are several of them in the direction of multinational companies ; women entrepreneurs and businesswomen.

The future of the world , I doubt not, are you women ! I just hope that they , when in power , NOT corrupt ! and work for the common good , because this is the policy objective ! .

Brazil, specifically , you need a lot of women ! Come in politics to undertake a radical reform of the Brazilian political customs ! . You can not imagine the strength they have, if NATIONS . Put aside the pettiness , envy , and vote for women who are prepared to exercise power.

Big kiss and hug to all of you !Blessings of health , peace , prosperity, success , harmony and joy in their hearts wonderful !

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