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" Te Deum is a Christian hymn , primarily used in the Catholic liturgy as part of the Office of Readings of the Liturgy of the Hours and other solemn events of thanksgiving . The hymn is also found in hymnody and liturgical practices of other Christian churches , including the Book of Common Prayer of the Anglican Church , the Lutheran matins and, less regularly , and in other Protestant denominations .

Traditionally , the authorship of the hymn attributed to St. Ambrose and St. Augustine , on the occasion of the latter by the first baptism in the cathedral of Milan , in the year 387 . Some chains attach to the St. Hilary or, more recently , the bishop Nicetas of Remesiana .The first two words of the first verse , " Te Deum laudamos " , derives the name by which the hymn was known . The Latin name is also being used to designate its translations into the various vernaculars , even outside of Catholicism.

This text was set to music by various composers , among them Marc - Antoine Charpentier , Henry Purcell , Jean - Baptiste Lully , Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart , Franz Joseph Haydn , Hector Berlioz , Bruckner , Antonín Dvorák , Antonio Francisco Braga , José Maurício Nunes Garcia and Pe . Dewey . Also the Emperor Pedro I of Brazil composed a Te Deum .
Additional information about translationsMost translations into Portuguese uses the majestic plural second person to turn to God , according to Catholic custom most common in Portuguese-speaking countries . The Latin version and literal translations always employ the second person singular .Most of the translations , not only for the Portuguese , but also for other modern language , syntax brings changes to several verses of the hymn function. In Latin, " Te Deum Laudamus " allows clustering of two different ideas at the same construction : " we praise you " and "you (whom we worship ) are God ." A quasi- literal translation would rely coordination (for example: " We praise thee that thou art God " ) or adverbial phrases ( eg, " We praise Thee as God [ that are ] " ) . The choice vocative to the person of God would be only natural if the Latin verse had to " You, God , laudamus " form, which occurs in other texts that have really vocative character , even when the direct object is the pronoun you ( cf. for example, the first verse of Psalm 42 in Latin).

In the second section of the song , the chorus , numerus , exercitus ecclesia and words all have the meaning of bringing people together around a common goal . Additionally , the first two also embody a sense of melody. Direct translations of these four words are, respectively , choir , number , army and church. In the last two cases , there is no difficulties , since the main effect is the same. Choir also presents no problem because in Portuguese the word also has the sense both of whom is joined to praise as the form taken by this praise. But the number is not a good translation because the meaning set of people lost in the modern Portuguese and artistic dimension , although it is still one of the possible meanings , usually comes with a qualifier ( eg " musical number " cricense , " number " etc. . ) or a context to clarify the role of the artist. One interested in preserving translation in both directions must search for a word or phrase that can do it . "

Note: The translation below is being adjusted , the spacing is not corresponding to stanzas , etc. .Latin text in Portuguese Text Literal TranslationTe Deum Laudamus : te Dominum confitemur .Te aeternum Patrem omnis veneratur land .Tibi omnes Angeli ; Caeli et tibi universae Potestates ;Tibi Cherubim et Seraphim incessabili proclamant you :Sanctus , Sanctus , Sanctus , Dominus Sabaoth God .Ful Caeli et sunt land maiestatis tuae gloriae .
Te gloriosus Apostolorum chorus ,Te Prophetarum laudabilis numerus ,Te Martyrum candidatus Laudat exercitus .Te per Orbem terrarum confitetur sancta Ecclesia ,Patrem maiestatis immensae :
Venerandum tuum verum et unicum Filium ;Sanctum quoque Paraclitum Spiritum .
You gloriae Rex , Christe .Tu es Filius Patris sempiternus .Your ad hominem liberandum suscepturus ,non horruisti uterum Virginis .
Thou mortis devicto Aculeo ,aperuisti credentibus regna caelorum .Your ad dexteram Dei headquarters in gloria Patris .Iudex crederis this Venturus .

Ergo you quaesumus , famulis tuis subveni :Quos pretioso redemisti sanguine .Aeterna fac cum Sanctis tuis in gloria numerari .

( Added later , containing excerpts from the Psalms :)
Salvum fac populum tuum , Domine , et benedict hereditati tuae .Et governs eos, et usque in aeternum extolle illos .Per singulos dies benedicimus you;Nomen tuum et laudamus in saeculum , et in saeculum saeculi .Dignare , Domine , die in this sine peccato custodire .Miserere nostri Dominemiserere nostri .Fiat thy mercy , Lord, the super ,quemadmodum speravimus in you.In te , Domine , speravi : non confundar in aeternum . To You, O God , we praise our Lord and confess Thee .To Thee , O Eternal Father , reveres and loves the whole earth .To you all angels , to you , the Heavens and all the Powers ;To thee , Cherubim and Seraphim with incessant voices proclaim :Holy , Holy , Holy is the Lord God of hosts !Heaven and earth are full of your glory and majesty .
To Thee the glorious choir of the Apostles ,To you , the respectable meeting of the Prophets ,To you , the brilliant army of martyrs enlarges with praises !To Thee , Eternal Father , God of immense majesty,
The true and only Son , worthy object of our worship to Yours,Likewise the Holy Spirit , our comforter and advocate.
You are the King of Glory , O my Lord Jesus Christ !Ye everlasting Son of your Father Almighty !You, to unite with the man and you resgatardesYou not deigned to enter the chaste womb of a Virgin !
You, winner of the death stimulus ,you opened to believers the Kingdom of Heaven ,Ye are seated at God's right hand ,the glorious throne of your Father !We firmly believe and confessthat there ye shall come to judge the end of the world .
To you therefore pray that your servants socorraiswho redeemed as your Precious Blood .Enable us to be counted in eternal glory ,between the number of your Saints .

Be saved , Lord , your people and bless your inheritance ,And regei them and exalt them forever for your greater glory .Every day we praiseAnd we hope to glorify your name now and for ever .Deign , Lord , save us this day and always sinless .Have mercy on us, Lord ,have pity on us miserable .Pour out on us, Lord , your mercy ,because in you we place all our hope .In you, Lord , I waited , I will not be confused . We praise Thee [ as ] God : We confess Thee [ as ] Lord .All the earth worships Thee [ as ] Eternal Father .To thee all Angels , Thee the sky and all the Powers ,Thee Cherubim and Seraphim of attrition with voice , proclaim :" Holy , Holy , Santo1 [ is ] the Lord God of hosts .[ The ] heaven , and [ the ] earth are full of the Majesty of thy glory . " 2
The glorious choir of Apostles ,harmony of praise of the Prophets ,Army of Martyrs in white robes Te3 praises .In all the earth thy holy Church confesses Te[ as ] the Father of immense majesty :
Worthy of veneration [ is ] Thy true and only Son ;and also the Paraclete [ which is ] the Holy Spirit .
You [ are ] [ the ] King of glory, O Christ .Thou art [ the ] Son of the eternal Father .You, to free the man , whom thou wilt receive ,you did not have the horror of the uterus Virgem4 .
You who have conquered the sting of death ,you opened to believers the kingdom of heaven .Thou sittest at the right hand of God the Father's glory ,It is believed in Î · 5 [ like ] Judge who was to come .

So we ask you : acode thy servantswhom thou hast redeemed with precious blood .
Make them to be numbered with thy saints in glory everlasting .

Salva6 [ o] thy people and bless [ a] thine inheritance .And drive them and raises them throughout eternidade.7Throughout de8 every day we bless you ;And praise thy name n [ this ] século9 and the século.10 centuryCondescends , Lord , keep us without sin [ n ] this day .Have mercy on us, Lord .Have mercy on us .Make up [ to ] thy mercy , O Lord , be upon useven as we hope in Ti.11In you , Lord , I waited : I will not be confused in eternidade.12
1. Go to top ↑ The triple repetition of the adjective " Holy " has the grammatical sense of the superlative " Blessed " .2 . Go to top ↑ Isaiah 6:3 .3 .4 . Go to top ↑ This " you" is also the direct object of the previous two verses . The Latin version brings the pronoun " you" in all the verses , omitting only the verb of the predicate of the first two , and the distinction between subject and object is given by the difference of cases (nominative for the subject, accusative for the direct object ) . Similar construction was used in the previous stanza, with the difference that there was indirect object , both in Latin ( ablative case) as in Portuguese .  
As in Portuguese is usually not use the oblique personal pronoun unstressed when you omit the verb , this translation preferred to omit the entire predicate of the first two verses and have the unstressed pronoun as direct object only in the third . This choice was the use of " praise you" than the direct object with preposition " praise Thee," but also a more direct correspondence to the Latin form " Te Laudat " not only more natural , and try to avoid a possible surprise the reader who, seeing the unstressed pronoun with the preposition , could expect the eventual appearance of an indirect transitive verb. Nevertheless , an alternative translation - and , somehow , even more literal - that does not prevent direct prepositional objects , could be " Thee the glorious choir of the Apostles , / Thee Prophets praise singing, / The Ti Martyrs in white robes commends the army. "5 .6 . Go to top ↑ The womb of the Virgin is a double contrast to the previous verse, it brings both the idea of ​​containment , which opposes the release , as the humble and temporal temporarily for humanity to be received , which contrasts with the eternal acceptance and glorious man saved by God .7 . Go to top ↑ Lit . "You are believed ." Since this is a confessional song in first person, the agent 's implicit passive is the author of the song or who sings it .8 . Go to top ↑ Lit . "Do saved."9. Go to top ↑ Psalm 28:910 . Go to top ↑ Lit . "Why " .

11 . Go to top ↑ In Portuguese , the word commonly century means a period of one hundred years. In Latin, there are several possible meanings beyond that : generation , lifetime of a generation , descent , was , was current , race ( people ) , humanity was a given ( or current age), the world , worldly things . One possible translation for "in saeculum , et in seaculum saeculi " could be " the generation ( or time) and the offspring of this generation ( or time) this " or, more simply , " for today and tomorrow ."

12 . Go to top ↑ Psalm 145:2 .13. Go to top ↑ Psalms 33:22 .14. Go to top ↑ Psalms 71:1 .

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