domingo, 5 de janeiro de 2014

My Shih Tzu Puppy Called "RINGO"

Antoni BigCuore*

( SP.sp.05.01.2014 , Sunday at 14.47 hrs.) Psychologists , in general , recommend that parents adopt a pet for their children , so that they can reduce their stress level .Two weeks ago , my daughter Maria Cristina , won a girlfriend a puppy " Shih Tzu " , a puppy of Tibetan origin , whose name takes off RINGO . People, more is free. I 've had a not so pleasant experience with a Coker bitch, named Chiara , surrendered to " Ringo " . A (which is not the owner rsss ) , educated , kind , super LOYAL a " cute " like say the Hebe . ( RSS ) . Doggie super friendly, He wakes up fairly early every day to 7.30 hours . , More or less , and most of the house at 8.15 . So , in the meantime he began to " growl " in the room ( I live in townhouse and the bedrooms are upstairs) , as they call us to get up and feed him .

I go down the stairs and he comes to meet me ! What a delight it is to the soul ! He comes all cheerful and smiling ! . I play with him and he participates biting me lightly . Has some sharp teeth the " naughty " . (RS)And the floor of the truck , he I "adopted" as its "owner " . I also identified myself , greatly with him . The rascal has a " psychology " seems to us! . Understands almost everything ....Just know that a pet , especially a dog, is very cool and have the stress of people far away . You can be half down, but when she sees him and calls him by name , he comes around smiling and welcomes him with gentleness and affection .

I admit to being " in love" with this " bug " ( rsss ) .Educators say the dog , the animal reflects the owner's personality . If the owner is educated so will the dog. If an aggressive person 's dog is the same way . And, yes , because I know several examples of aggressive people and that their dogs also reflect the image of their owners.And the " rascal " has pedigree . My daughter says that a puppy will cost between R $ 3,000.00 to R $ 5,000.00 reais ! Lelê phew ! Turned rich now , a little bourgeois .But there is no money that pays a " bug " of these once you get love for him . LOVE HAS NO PRICE ! Animal or human!

I pray to God to give you long life , for the joy he has given me was extraordinary . Even until my blood pressure improved . For those unaware , I am hypertensive and control this dysfunction , taming daily medicines , plus with balanced diet and hiposódica and do you walk every day, on average 6 kilometer ! . And live life ! And the love alive ! Who does not have sensitivity , think all nonsense . But I, like many , know what all this is ! .

A Holy and Happy New Year to all of you , my readers and readers of the BLOG LIVE WELL - Letters and Nook . God bless you always and abundantly ! Health , peace and joy in their hearts !

( * ) Author is writer , singer and songwriter in São Paulo , SP . And communicator of the gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet . Go to: http:/ / ( Living Well Blog ) and his poetic and philosophical link:

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