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Antoni BigCuore 

Date : SP.sp. 23/01/2014 at 15:45 hrs .

Background: Leviticus 11 , Gospel Mark 7 , 14-23As a Christian I learned to do the " Lectio Divina " , ie , the prayerful reading of the word of God . Thus , I learned that NEVER can interpret the Bible literally . It is imperative to take into account socio -economic and cultural context of the time .Meditate on the Book of Leviticus 11 in comparison with the New Testament , the Gospel of Mark 7 , 14-23 :(*)(**)

"The Lord spoke to Moses and Araão : " Say to the Israelites : These are quadrupeds that you may eat among all the land animals . You may eat every animal that has a cloven hoof , party of two nails, and chews the cud . Among those that chew the cud or have cloven hoof , you shall not eat the following species: the camel , because though it is ruminant, does not have a cloven hoof . Consider unclean hare , because although ruminant has a cloven hoof . Consider the pig unclean because , despite having a cloven hoof , party of two nails, cud not . Do not eat the flesh of animals , or touch the corpse of them , for they are unclean . "" 13Das consider filthy and birds do not eat the following , because they are filthy vulture , the gipaeto the xofrango , the black kite , the different species of red kite , all species of crow, ostrich, owl, seagull and different species of hawk , the owl , the alcatraz , the ibis, the Grand Duke , the pelican , the white vulture, the stork and different species of heron , the hoopoe and the bat . " ( 1 - b.paulinas , pg 126. )

Confront now with the text of the Gospel of Mark , chapter 7 , verses 14 th 23 : " Then Jesus called again the crowd to him and said : " Listen up and understand : what comes out and enters a person does not make it impure ; things that come from inside the person who is the mAKE impure . Who hath ears to hear let him hear . "After the Master Jesus explains to the disciples who wanted to know more details about his homily says in verse 20 : " Jesus went on to say : " It is what comes out of the person who makes it impure . For it is from within the heart of the people who leave bad intentions , as immorality , theft , crime , adultery , ambition without limit, evil , wickedness, lewdness , envy , slander, pride, lack of judgment . All these evil things come from within the person , and they are what makes it impure . " ( Pg. 1291 - Bible Pauline , pastoral edition SP.sp. )


A. BIGCUORE`S REFLECTION: the text of Leviticus attributed to Moses , was written , according to supposed, after the Exile the Hebrew people in Egypt . So many, many years before Christ.By common sense , we note that it is meaningless , for example , do not eat pork . I once asked a priest in my parish about clean and unclean animals and quoted the pig, when he argued with consistency and clarity : At that time the sanitary conditions to create a pig were very different from today , 20th century ! Today 's pork is inspected by the SIF ( Federal Inspection System ) . There are serious firms working in the field of meat , including pork .

Moreover , the text of Mark , 7 , 14-23 , Jesus makes it clear and drop the argument of the Old Testament . There are things that come from the mouth of a human being that makes it impure , but yes , those leaving .Jesus is exactly right ! Heart born the deadly sins : lust , envy, gluttony , adultery , fornications , political corruption and the like . Who does not have God in their hearts , who do not live in the words of Paul , in tune with the Kingdom of God , just practicing all these abominations that appeal only to the evil , the enemy of God .

In contrast , those who practice acts of righteousness , walking in the ways of the Lord God reaps the fruits that are born in your heart : peace , joy , justice, love , kindness , balance , solidarity , ethics, honesty etc. .Therefore , to read and study the Word of God , we must be very careful not to fall into the temptation of fundamental analysis . ( Ie to examine God's word to the letter ) . It is imperative , first of all , invoke the Holy Spirit of God , to inspire us to read and understand what God wants to say to us , his beloved children .

Without fanaticism , without proselytizing , but with BALANCE, you can walk to the safe haven of salvation and the main tool is the Word of God in their daily lives , especially for us Christians , THE NEW AND EVERLASTING COVENANT IN JESUS ​​signed in new Testament ! . Jesus is the new wine! Him all men are equal ! God bless you and thank you for caring for your reading !

( * ) Source : 1 and 2 , Bible Pauline , pastoral edition SP.sp. pgs. 126 and 1291 respectively. 

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