segunda-feira, 23 de setembro de 2013

Prunning, Perfumes And Flowers

Antoni BigCuore *Date : 23/09/2013

The spring started yesterday . Few people noticed , alas . The most beautiful season that nature has created . Blooming with all hues : green , yellow , blue , pink , red etc. . , Like a symphony where all the notes and instruments coexist harmoniously and aesthetically beautiful .

Humans also have their phases . Every year we need a " pruning " a little " fertilizer " ( namely , we need to reflect on our weaknesses and looking better and better , after all, we were born to evolve spiritually, physically , socially and emotionally ) or not ?Beings are constantly changing . Millions of cells die and are born each day in our inner world and we do not even realize it. Whatever is has already been , everything was going to be again one day , is what tells us the biblical wisdom , the Book of Ecclesiastes . " All is vanity and there is nothing new under the sun " !

God is eternally PRESENCE in the Universe . He has no past , no future , God is ! . This always ! When Moses was tending the flock of Jethro his father in law , at Mount Horeb , he saw that the " salsa burned and not burned " and wanted to approach and the Lord said to him, do not approach Moses. After he reveals himself to him as " HE WHO IS " , I AM THAT I AM . ( Ex.3 )All that billionaire Bill Gates " made ​​" existed in the spiritual world . What he did was capture knowledge in the form of waves that exist in the universe . The Bible , in my humble opinion, is quite right!. There is nothing new under the sky . What changes is the socio-cultural context only. ( Within the usual concept of time ) .

Why not FLOWER entire Universe ? Wherever you are, my brother and my sister in Christ , make light of the Lord shining around nurturing good and pure thoughts . Thoughts of peace , joy and solidarity with other people .Living is an art . Why not turn this art in a beautiful garden of roses , carnations , tulips , begonias , jasmine etc. . providing the people , worldwide , are oxygen for all of them ?Want to change the world . We change each of us in particular , wherever we are . Let us make the difference for our politeness , kindness , gentleness and respect for our neighbors.DARE is released , accept the challange?

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( * ) Author is writer and communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet . Access his BLOG LIVE WELL - http:// ( self , spirituality and healthy living ) and his poetic and philosophical link : / antonibigcuore (Sao Paulo , Brazil ) .

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