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Antoni BigCuore*

( SP.sp. 27.06.2009 , Saturday at 8.34 hrs . )

My grandfather used to say : vitamin is in the peel ! . Saying this , he said at the time , was really strange. But wisdom is not old , it is always current .In grape, for example, scientists have discovered that it contains a substance called resveratrol . Contained in the peel and seed. Please note , only in grape skin rosy ! .
What are the benefits for the body ?
1 - Due to its anti-oxidant effect , slows the aging of cells
2 - Cardiovascular Effect : increases HDL . Ie coleterol good, improving blood circulation ;

3 - Prevention of cancer: to be a substance , anti - oxidant , fights free radicals , which are substances ( molecules ) that cause premature aging of cells ;
4 - Prevent Disease " Alzheimer's disease " because it prevents the formation of toxic protein plaques in the brain.

5 - It has analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties .
Note Only the red wine has resveratrol . ( And bark, of course! )
Eat the grape , rather than suck it ! . Do the following : thrash grape, grain by grain , place in a bowl with water and vinegar or a substance to eliminate pathogens .
After a Savor - a chewing well shell. Save the seeds and then put them in the sun to dry .Sbsequently, puree in a blender and mix with flaxseed and put in juices , vitamins etc. .Red wine is also very good . Contains flavonoids , substances wonderful human health . Combat LDL , bad cholesterol and raises HDL , good cholesterol .Just a small cup b
uefore lunch !Who can not with alcohol , make grape juice that makes the same effect !Health to you and your whole family !Healthy Living : does not cost much , and gives health , pleasure and joy of living !

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