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Thte Wonders Of Lemon


AUTHOR: Antoni BigCuore *

Date: 09.08.2013 at 10.33 hrs.Published: Living Well and Nook"The achievement of a full health requires each individual to share their search for information and self-knowledge." (Conception Trucom)From boy hear about the wonders of lemon. In my childhood and adolescence, nutrition science was in its infancy. There were no schools of nutrition. Nowadays, it is quite different. The science of nutrition has evolved there are several colleges of good quality, not to mention mid-level technical courses in that area.

Let's look at the composition in 100 grams of lemon: Calories 44.6 kcal; Water: 89.4 g, carbohydrates 8.5 g, Protein: 1.0g, Lipids 0.7 g; Ash: 0.4 g; Citric Acid: 6 to 7.0 g, Vitamin A: 5 mg, Vitamin B-1 (thiamine): 55 ug, Vitamin B-2 (riboflavin) 60.0 ug, Vitamin B-3 (niacin) 0, 3 mg, Vitamin C (ascorbic acid): 40-120 mg, MINERALS: Potassium 127 mg, Calcium 100 mg, phosphorus: 21 mg, Sodium 9 mg, Iron: 0.70. "(1)

You noticed reader (a) the wonder of nutrients that make up the lemon '. The most important is Vitamin C, as this helps keep the iron and calcium in the body, besides being highly ANTIOXIDANT, or neutralizes the deleterious action of so-called "free radicals", which oxidize (rust) cell membranes, making them dying early. Therefore, the person who eat lots of red meat rich therefore in Saturated fats, early age, and cause serious cardiovascular problems leading to death by myocardial infarction.

In addition, vitamin C, greatly strengthens our immune system, making it therefore less vulnerable to contraction of diseases.And we must always give priority to mainly citrus and natural products, therefore, without industrialization. Industrial products tend to cause cancer!Tell Dra.Conceiçao Drucom a 500 mg tablet. Vitamin C (synthetic so), there will never replace natural consumption of 2 lemons a day, because along with vitamin C, there are other active components that act synergistically in cell metabolism increasing its benefits.

CITRIC ACID: it is normally produced by the body. However, citrus fruits (the name itself is telling) contains large amounts of citric acid. And what is it for? What is its function?. He is the main "alkalizing agent of organic metabolism." It also acts as an excellent anti-skeptic against natural fermentation in the stomach and intestines.

VITAMIN B-1. Also known as Thiamine. It is essential for the conversion of sugar into energy. Participates, the cellular metabolism of various processes in the nervous and cardiovascular system.

MY RECIPE: recipe that I take every day. A small or medium lemon, cut into 4 cubes in a blender and hits with a glass of 200 ml of water. Shake well, leaches it and put a pinch of sweetener and takes time. Do not leave for later, because it bitter. The pulp of the bark is rich in pictina (soluble fiber). I put this bagasse (the residue remaining in the sieve) make salad with grated carrot, tomato, beet etc., Drizzled olive oil extra virgin. This is because the peel oil is unusually rich in nutrients.My grandparents have said: "vitamin is in the shell." Today, science has proven that!.

Source: 1) The healing power of lemon. Trucom, Conceição. Publisher Lute, pgs. 30-31.(*) Antoni  BigCuore is Writer, communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Cristo for the entire planet and expert on healthy living. Know and disclose his BLOG BEM VIVER -  LIVE WELL -  his poetic and philosophical link: - Brasil-São Paulo.
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