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Orthomomecular Medicine And The Bipolar Disorder

Author: Antoni BigCuore *
 Date: 11/06/2013Time: 11.03 hrs., Sp, SP.

To understand bipolar disorder, mister becomes first give an introduction of how our organic machine, called body.Our body is continuously and for this, needs to produce  raw materials such as vitamins and minerals, proteins which form all our muscles, skin, etc.. And the gears of this system are called: NEUROENDOCRINE , PSYCHIC AND IMMUNE.

Well, for a person to be healthy, so although the predominance of HOMEOSTASIS, mister is made that these three systems are in constant harmony and synergy. (Read my article on Nook Portal das Letras, entitled Balance Homestatic Personality .)A depressed person, for example, bipolar and even if the system is unbalanced psychic, neuroendocrine and immune systems.

A bipolar person, it is almost certain that she has "flaws" in the synapse that is communication between neurons, driven by neurotransmitters, especially serotonin, dopamine and acetylcholine etc.. These failures put the body of the person imbalance. And because of this, it is imperative to regain balance between the three above-mentioned factors.The Magazine "VivaSaúde" Publisher's Scala, number 122, page 62, brings a cool tips about bipolar disorder, which I transcribe below:

0.1. "It is a psychiatric disorder that causes alternating mood: sometimes the individual is taken excitability and feelings of grandeur (called episodes of mania), is now in deep sorrow.0.2. Other signs that characterize periods of mania are: irritation, rapid speech, little need for sleep and impulsive behaviors, such as repeatedly bet on gambling or having unprotected sex.0.3. The rate of suicide attempts in patients with the disease is about 25%. However, this number drops to 10% among patients who are receiving treatment.0.4. The problem can manifest emf any age, but most often - 60% of cases - appears between 15 and 19 years old.0.5. It is a chronic disease. But as diabetes and hypertension can be controlled by drugs and therapies. "Summarizing: it is super important to the person who suffers from this evil and also depression, and medical care, have healthy habits: no smoking, no drinking, (taking place in integral grape juice which is great for the heart and is antioxidant, preventing the early death of cells), balanced diet (whole grains, meats, turkey and red fish), banana, oats, soybeans, chickpeas, peanuts, dairy (especially yogurt), which are rich in the aminoacid called TRIPTOFANO , which is considered the raw material of serotonin, the main neurotransmitter that prevents evil from 20th and 21st century, called depression.

I suggest you consult a doctor Orthomolecular that, in my opinion, is a complete medical, ie it makes the diagnosis taking into account the following factors: spirit, mind and body. We are creatures integrals. Any imbalance in one of the factors is broken the homeostasis humano.Consequência: arises diseases! Think about it and make a decision! Change your habits! Nutra good thoughts, because they generate our emotions and feelings.Full health for you!

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