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Gospel Of Sunday, 2013,06,02

Author: Antoni BigCuore *
 Date: 02/06/2013 at 8.23 ​​hrs.
Ref. Gospel Luke 7: 1-10

Narrates the gospel that was in Capernaum a centurion had a servant who was very ill, near death. Having heard about Jesus, he sent to him elders of the Jews, asking Jesus to come and heal him.Jesus thus acceded to his request and in the way the centurion sent his friends that he could not even tell you the way only one word and his servant would be healed. I am not worthy that You should come to my house. Just tell her a word and she will be saved.

Jesus was deeply touched with this attitude centurion! "Verily I say unto you, not even in Israel have I found such faith." Returning to the house of the centurion who had been sent, found his servant healed.

A.BigCuore´s Comment: what an example of deep faith! The centurion believed in both Jesus and his word and, in an act of humility, not allowed Him to come into your home, because it was thought worthy of it!.

It is the power of faith! With God nothing is impossible! All things are possible to him who believes!And the gospel tells us that in the same hour that Jesus said his words, Centurion's servant was healed!

And we, today, as reagíamos before our difficulties? We pray to God for healing? We just want miracles? We want everything yesterday? Or, wait, patiently, that the grace of God, fall into our heart, respecting the "God's time"?

Faith is the gift of God. Therefore, we must always ask God to increase our faith!. We are weak creatures without the Sacrament of the Eucharist. We must strive to get growing in faith. It builds on a daily basis. Brick Brick builds a large building. And ESPERITUAL BUILDING builds daily studying and meditating the word of God contained in the Holy Scriptures, and also enjoying the sacraments of Reconciliation (Confession of our sins) and Holy Eucharist gives us strength, courage, hope, to face the tribulations our everyday.

A Holy and Happy Sunday to you all, my brothers and sisters walk! God bless you abundantly with joy and peace in your hearts! Shalom!

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