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Red Signal: High Pressure Can Kill!

                                                                   Antoni BigCuore Casagrande *(SP.26.11.04, 6th. Fair, hrs.Alterado on 10/08/2012 at 13:31)The greatest enemies of the modern human being are: stress, high blood pressure, obesity, depression, anxiety and chronic cardiovascular problems etc.. Let's brush some ideas about what constitutes high pressure actually a danger to the modern man and woman. Today, even women driven by economic necessity and survival conditions, they also die of stroke, (motivated by high blood pressure) is not something that once she heard both. Since they came into direct competition with men, this "virus" has affected the too often.

Both the low pressure as high, are considered organ dysfunction, affecting today with more evidence, humans.As its name saying this, it is the pressure (high pressure) that the blood exerts on the walls of blood vessels. If left unchecked, can cause stroke, a leading cause of death today.

BIGGEST ENEMIES OF HYPER TENSE: 1 - SODIUM is the greatest enemy of hyper tense (ie, the person who suffers from high blood pressure). Sodium chloride (table salt as it is known) is the main type of sodium there. Generally, people only care about table salt, but forget that almost all fruits and vegetables contain some type of soda. Therefore we suggest to readers that when they go to the supermarket to buy some kind of product, DO NOT LET reading the composition of this product and see if it contains sodium or not. Stay tuned so. To get an idea of ​​the maximum daily sodium that humans should consume, imagine the cap of a pen "bic". It contains 6 grams. It is the maximum you should consume by day. But unfortunately, most people consume much more!!

EYE CLINIC: So to have more life is imperative to always eat food that contains very little salt. Board recommended even for people having normal pressure. It is a matter of rational intelligence.

2nd. Consumption of Sugar: Excess sugar is also as harmful as salt. Similarly to salt, we care only with sucrose which is derived from sugar cane is sugar. But in fact there are other types of sugars. Fructose, for example, sugar comprising fruit in general. Because of this, the same reasoning for salt, is valid for sugar. Consume it moderately.

3rd. Overweight: A person with excess weight causes cardiovascular problems and pressure too. So check with your doctor as your body mass index. Otherwise I'm mistaken, the formula is weight divided by height squared.

4th. Beware of Caffeine: Coffee in excess is harmful to health, especially the hyper tense, since it contains caffeine, a stimulant that speeds the heart rate and blood pressure can rise.

5th. Stop Smoking: Cigarette is more than proven its uselessness. Give cancer and have the same "face" to the cemetery earlier.6th. Beware of noise: noise in excess also make blood pressure rise. Avoid, therefore, loud music or attend environments also very agitated.

7th. Speak Easy: people who "shoot" (rss) when speaking, usually breathe improperly and this makes the pressure rise too.Eight. Avoid Stressful Situations: anything that could cause stress or anxiety, should be avoided.
Watching TV is not overly recommended to anyone who has high blood pressure, especially horror movies, violent movies etc..


One. Regular Physical Exercise: walking, for example, is a great exercise for hyper tension. Regulates pressure and brain releases a range of hormones positive, generating well be the person who practices it. Swimming is also very good and should be practiced for those who have conditions. Finally, moderate exercise always bring welfare to any person who practices, hyper tense or not. One should, however, consult a trusted doctor for periodic evaluations.

2nd. Adequate Food: For there are several hyper tense and very foods that help to control blood pressure: eg Cucumber juice: (recipe: picks up a small cucumber and one cup water in a blender and hits, COA and take fasting) cucumber is rich in potassium and for those who do not know, every person suffering from high blood pressure, lose potassium when urinating. And this mineral is important for strengthening the heart muscles and muscles in general. Natural sources of potassium: bananas, melons, tomatoes, cucumber, coconut water etc.3rd.Eat more onions and garlic also. Garlic is great pressure controller. Grab yourself a garlic clove average macerate it with a fork and place in a glass of water and taking vai hourly throughout the day. It's great to pressure, besides acting as a dilator of arteries.

Garlic is an excellent blood cleanser, rich in vitamin C and minerals. I personally do every week, cucumber juice with eggplant and orange. It also lowers blood pressure and helps to fight cholesterol by astringent action of eggplant. Orange is anti-oxidant because of vitamin C, that is, it does not leave the form fatty plaques in the arteries, causing myocardial infarction and combat "free radicals," molecules that are responsible for human aging.

3rd. SPIRITUALITY: research in the United States, more or less recent, has demonstrated the importance of practicing a religion in people's lives, especially in the hyper tense. The research proved that the sick person who professed a religion in surgeries, recovering more quickly than people who did not practice any religion. It has been proved also that the hyper tense praying every day, had high blood pressure under control, ie, had a pressure within the normal standards.

4th. BREATHE PROPERLY: breathing is key to controlling blood pressure. Breathing well is make the call diaphragmatic breathing, ie one driven diaphragm located in the belly. For those who live in big cities like São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro etc. polluted cities, runny nose in the serum even homemade. That made with mineral water and salt. Picks up half a glass of water and added a teaspoon table salt. Stir it well and put in the nostrils to unblocking them altogether. So the air will flow more naturally without obstacles. (Do this especially before bedtime)Final Thoughts: Dear readers, have you noticed that health tips are small, but I can assure you that work in practice. Just having the discipline to feel the beneficial effects of using this knowledge, health of you. Believe it!: Worth self discipline and apply this knowledge suggested by medical science.

(*) Antoni BigCuore Casagrande. Author is a singer and writer in SP. His most recent book, The Health of Soul and Body. Access link in his net - www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore and also know his BLOG BEM VIVER - WELL LIVE BLOG - http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com (self, spirituality homeostatic and healthy life. 

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