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Homeostatic Spirituality

                                                                  Antoni BigCuore Casagrande*  (Sp.sp. 9/28/2012, 6 Monday at 18.09 hrs.)
The word homeostasis is a term that in biology, means and any balance of the entire living beings.Some time ago, I was writing about stress and read a story of a teacher in the United States (can not remember the name now), published in O Estado de São Paulo, when I came across this term. The professor said that stress breaks "homeostasis", ie it breaks the harmony of any and all living organisms.Example, quite simple: a simple flu breaks homeostasis, lowering the immune system.

As a result, adapted the term to develop my theory of what I call "Homeostatic Balance Personality."I understand that humans since ancient times Chinese medicine, they considered the human being as a WHOLE ENTIRE composed of Spirit, Mind and Body. (Reason, emotion and body).

No part may be separated from the whole subject of the body of all human personality. We understand that to be happy human beings need DEVELOP HARMONIOUSLY factors: spiritual, physical and emotional, to find happiness in yourself. There are roads to happiness. Happiness is "the" way! I've said a famous philosopher. And she meets and is built into our inner world.In my humble opinion, spirituality is vital in this thesis. It is the predominant factor. It is clear that the physical and emotional matter. But the spiritual is essential because it brings with it the harmonization of other factors.

According to the Dictionary of Small Buarque, (1) 8th edition, September 2010, Positive Publishing, page 312, edition, spirituality is conceptualized as:

"Spirituality S.F. 1. Quality or spiritual character. 2nd. The methodical progress of spiritual values. ""Spirit (lat. Spiritu). SM. One. The immaterial part of the human being; soul. 2nd. Supernatural entity or imaginary, as the angels, the devil, the goblins. 3.Inteligência. 4th. V. humor (3). 5th. Thought, idea. 6th. Liquid obtained by the distillation of alcohol. "
"Spiritual (lat. Espirituale. Adj2g. Relative to the spirit."

From the point of view of Catholic Christian, conceptualize spirituality as the condition of "live by the spirit." It is to be led by the Holy Spirit of God. As the concept "methodical progress of spiritual values." I understand here as spiritual values: love, peace, faith, hope, charity, JOY, solidarity, sharing, caring, affection etc.. etc..It should be noted that there are several spirituality: the Christian Gospel, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist spirituality, spirituality Kardecist, etc. Islamic spirituality.Every human being must practice the spirituality with which one identifies. The important thing is to do it in an authentic way and know that it is vital for the homeostatic balance of the human being. She makes us more balanced, sensitive, kinder, friendlier, more respectful of our neighbors. It makes us real citizens!

In John's Gospel, chapter 16 verses 12 to 15, Jesus says: "I have yet many things to say, but now you are able to afford. When the Spirit of truth comes, he will send you into all the truth, because the Spirit will not speak on his own behalf, but say what you heard and to announce things that will happen.

"The Spirit of Truth will manifest my glory, because he will receive from what is mine and interpret for you. Everything that belongs to the Father is mine. That's why I said the Spirit will receive from what is mine and interpret for you. "(Cf. Bible Pauline, Pastoral edition, 1989, pg. 1,378). (My italics).

One might ask, but who is the Holy Spirit? Now, for the Christian God is a Trinitarian Community of Love: God the Father, Creator, God the Son Jesus Christ, Redeemer and God the Holy Spirit Sanctifier. This is a truth of faith for Catholic Christians.With the mission of Jesus fulfilled here on earth, He promised to send the Holy Spirit to the disciples to continue his work of spreading the Kingdom of God throughout the world. And it did, at Pentecost, when the disciples began to speak in tongues and Jesus returns to the Father, as already envisaged by the prophets. From there actually born the Church of Jesus!.

Every baptized person receives GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. What is this? They are God-given gifts to Christians, now without the physical presence of Jesus, find the strength to continue his mission on this earth, always with joy and hope in their hearts. And this was done.Of the Holy Spirit are seven (7):01. Gift of Wisdom02. Gift of Understanding03. Gift of the Spirit of Counsel04. Gift of the Spirit of Fortaleza05. Gift of the Spirit of Science06. Gift of the Spirit of Piety07. Gift of Holy Fear (respect) God.

What is, then, Spirituality Homeostatics?
Is this all that was described above, giving emphasis on the gifts of the Holy Spirit of God in order to reach the state of "SPIRITUAL ENLIGHTENMENT."Here the word enlightenment is in the Christian sense of the word and not in the "spiritualist."Says theologian Edmund de Lima Calvo, in his book, "The Rail": "The being of every living thing in the universe is in deep reflection of divine light. The illumination of the human happens when darkness (darkness is different from a dark place) are irradiated by cosmic irradiation of our God. " The Kosmo is a perfume that makes us more loving, healthy, enjoyable, connected with the life of another living being. A perfumed be attracts the other to join them. "(See pg.28, The Rail, Publisher Orecado Ltda., 2004).

The homeostatic spirituality is a long process. It requires training, balanced diet (because it greatly affects the quality of thoughts, feelings and emotions).It is the stage that, consciously or unconsciously every human being is looking!.We understand that when the majority of the world, be aware of this reality, we will be forming a new civilization, the civilization of SOLE AND TRUE LOVE that God created!Worth starting this process because the harvest will be rewarding!

(*) Author is a writer, philosopher, in São Paulo. Popularizer of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the whole planet. Know  his WELL LIVE BLOG - http://antonibigcuore.blogspot.com and his link: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore

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