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Antoni BigCuore Casagrande*

(Sp.sp.09.06.2012, Saturday at 21.46 hrs.)

Contrary to the saying "I was happy and did not know," today I can say without fear of making mistakes, I am very happy and I know why.Why am I happy? Why did my heart the abode of the Holy Spirit of God. Reach maturity in faith, through a search of many years of walking.

I was building a "spiritual house" in everyday life, always seeking answers in Scripture. And they certainly gave me the answers I was looking for.I found true friends, few but valuable!. Friends, rare gems that give us strength, which teach us, guide us, often when they deviate from the track.

I am happy because I found that Happiness is the simple things. In pouring rain, in snow, in the serene winter night, the chirping of birds, the smile of a child, trembling in the hands of a wise old; in the handshake, the friendly hug, kiss the brotherly and affectionate; in exchange of glances pure; call the friend and relaxed, at the birthday party, in short, simple things in acalanta the soul, which enriches the mind and spirit.

I understood that love and forgive! Those who hold grudges, resentment, is subject to having a hell of a "cancer" or even a disease coroniariana. Forgiveness is profit in the health and even in your pocket, for he who loves strengthens your immune system up!. (Who is said to neuroscience), and therefore not much to spend on medical need.

I am happy because I discovered that human beings should live FULLY, ie, in the spiritual dimensions, physical and emotional. I made up my thesis I call the homeostatic balance of Personality, which say, in short, that human beings need to be happy HARMONISING factors spiritual, physical and emotional, to find the total balance, which results in their own happiness.I am happy because I have a family blessed by God. I'm not missing anything, because God's love nourishes my soul and my heart! I am happy because I have Jesus as my only Master and Lord of my life!

How good is to love God and be matched! This is true happiness! Oh, without forgetting to SHARE with the brothers of the community (and also interact with those strangers who, in our day to day) all this love coming from God.

People today are "anesthetized" bumping into happiness and do not recognize it, because their minds and hearts are dulled by the relentless pursuit of material goods, the "status" social vanity. Seek it in the outside world when, in fact, it exists inside! Only mine in our hearts, it can be found!Why not dig inside ourselves to find the beautiful treasure that never dies, survives time and generations'.

As he says, wisely, the Apostle Paul, in his 2Carta to the Corinthians, chapter 4, verses 16-18: "That's why we did not lose courage. On the contrary, although our physical check crumbling, our inner man is being renewed every day. For our momentary affliction is mild compared to the extraordinary weight of eternal glory that it prepares us. Do not look for things visible, but invisible, because visible things last only a moment, while the invisible last forever. " (1)

GOD IS LOVE. WHO STAY IN LOVE REMAINS IN GOD! (Letter of John)Holy week everyone! God bless you abundantly! God Bless You! Shalom!


Source: Pauline Pastoral Bible Edition, pg. 1484 to 1989.Go to the Blog All About Mission Apostle (and listen to Program 2nd Saturdays at 20 hours, 9 July by Radio St. Paul, 1600 AM. Or the Net -*) Author is a Christian writer, singer and composer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Know your BLOG BEM VIVER - and your link envangelizador:

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