domingo, 25 de dezembro de 2011

A "JesusNatal" For You

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 Antoni BigCuore*

I decided to innovate this year. Instead of thinking of gifts and appetizing foods, I decided to give my friends, a "JesusNatal" at all. Was in the subway, where I was coming from the doctor to get my recipes, and this inspiration hit with this term: "JesusNatal." (smile)

What The Child-God, this Christmas, bring again, and his indelible LIGHT definitely do live in our hearts, my friends and my friends nooks, MSN, website "In the Footsteps of Paul," my friends "third "Wednesdays of my friends from Coral Veneto Italian San Marco, my friends at Health Pastoral Care, Fathers, and finally the whole community where I work.

The "JesusNatal" means any state of spiritual purification, is made of concrete gestures. It is made of hugs, kisses, smiles, everyone GAY, much prayer and lots of peace in our hearts! It is made of much charity, taking moral and spiritual support, emotional as well as material to all people of our community, which require some kind of solidarity. Give them faith, hope and charity, it is our duty as Christians.
Too bad many people are sensitive only this time the feast of the birthday Jesus!.

But throw my challenge: I think if we do this, (and continue with this same spirit, 365 days a year), we are experiencing what God really wants from us: to live the authentic AGAPE LOVE advocated in the Sermon on the Mount!

How about? Let's do it?? Let us face this "challenge" going forward?

NOTE: To my readers and readers of the Corner of Letters and LIVING WELL my blog, I thank from my heart to all (as) that I attended during this year of 2011. I hope to earn the love of you for the next year 2012. May God make gushed forth in abundance, grace upon grace upon you and your respective families!.
A "BIG-HUG" to all (the)! Christmas and Happy  New Year with a wonderful achievement! Antoni BigCuore.sp.sp., Writes the following "sites" - -  BLOG BEM VIVER - (selfknowledge, Spirituality and  Healthy Living and homeostatic balance etc..)(20.12.2011, 14,48 hrs.). GOD BLESS YOU!!!

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