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Antoni BigCuore*I wrote this comment on page Suely Ribelli the poet came to mind and delve into the subject.12/22/2010 14:55 - ANTONI BIGCUOREChristmas itself is a magical moment of great spirituality, forgiveness and fellowship.

Forgiveness according to surveys in the United States, by Dr.Andrew Nubberg, University of Pennsylvania, it stimulates the pineal gland to produce hormones well-being, like serotonin, endorphins and enkephalins, including when the person is praying, these hormones are secreted
the brain in the body, thereby increasing the power of the immune system.This is pure science! Proven in research!

Christmas is wonderful, as we celebrate theBirth of Jesus!. What causes m. sadness m. people is a negative event that the person was in this period. I lost my mother and my dear brother, around Christmas of 2004. But as a Christian I am, do not let me shoot for it. Life goes on! We must continue our mission on this earth, living positively with yourself and our semelhantes.Afinal, everything passes and only God remains!.

*****(Christmas is a good time to FORGIVE! The word forgive is formed by the prefix PER + DONATE. So remember DONATION, give something to someone. Give your excuses, give love, peace, brotherhood, finally, give joy to the "other (a)" which, by chance you have offended him.FORGIVE IS A GESTURE OF GREATNESS INSIDE! It is humbling himself in the true sense (from the Latin humus earth) from lower yourself to the other and apologize. This is be big as a human being! This is live with Intelligence! This is to do what Jesus did on the cross when he said to his Father: "Father forgive them for they know not what they do"!. Do this and you will feel a great relief both a deep peace, seemingly came out of the body and soul about ten tons of weight.You deserve to be happy! Do not carry this burden with you, be smart!)
***** SEPARATE things I can ...May God console his heart and animate the soul to feel the true spirit of Christmas! Blessings of health, peace, prosperity, harmony and joy in your heart! Kisses and hugs to all my readers and readers, as well as their families!.Text inspired by sp.sp., 22.12.2010, fourth Monday, at 15.05 hrs. lem and amended sp.sp. 12/19/2011) (*) author is a writer, singer and composer in sp.sp.Get your BLOG LIVE WELL: (Author is writer, Singer and composer in Sao Paulo, Brazil. Visit his link: / authors / antonibigcuore)I pray the Divine Eternal Father, in the name of his Son Jesus, and this gives me good thoughts and can experience Christmas in days, not to get carried away by nostalgia of the past.

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