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Revolution By Character

Antoni BigCuore Casagrande *

Date: 22.06.2017, Thursday, at 2:32 pmLocation: São Paulo,SP.,Brazil

             "You will know the Truth and the Truth will set you free," says Master Jesus.

We live the greatest institutional crisis in our history! Doubtful public men are ruling the destinies of our children and grandchildren.

Since I was fourteen, I have followed Brazilian politics. Corruption is not new. Comes from Pedro Álvares Cabral. But it has now reached unbearable levels. He had never seen such a steal; So much negotiation; So much corruption.

The republic has rotted. And what's worse, 2,018 is there, and nobody talks about SERIOUS POLITICAL REFORM !. By the same rules, corruption will continue. Unfortunately, criminal organizations will continue to govern Brazil.

The voter votes by relying on the candidate's program and, when elected, turns his back on the people and their constituents. There the crisis of representativeness sets in.Coalition presidentialism, the ease of creating a party; An ARTIFICIAL and archaic proportionality that only benefits the Northeastern states (see April / 77 package), have been exhausted. Only this class of politicians WITHOUT CHARACTER, who sees nothing beyond the navel itself.

I understand that a RADICAL POLITICAL REFORM should be carried out, that is, PARLIAMENTARISM, DISTRICT VOTES and mechanisms should be introduced to avoid the easy creation of parties, which are no more than acronyms for rent! One citizen one vote. It would do justice to the states of the South and Southeast, whose economies are stronger and, thus, contribute more weight to the formation of the national GDP.

When we witness, through the T.V., some meetings of the supreme, we want to change the country. We have never discussed so many useless things; So many nonsense; So much demagogy and play on words. Brazil is the country of the bachelors. (In the National Congress 70%, of the congressmen are graduated in law!). 

He has a bachelor's degree for all tastes. This demonstrates the error of our teaching that, instead of giving priority to training technicians, more and more law schools are opened up. We have a shortage of specialized technical manpower. Unfortunately, the resources are diverted by the political class and the people are just a detail, as the character of the eminent Chico Anísio would say.

We need the young people in politics. But the "Caciques" of the big parties do not create conditions for young people to take an interest in it. Nowadays, due to social networks, some interest has arisen, nevertheless, not enough for greater change. I hope I'm wrong.

Question that does not want to shut up: who to vote for in 2,018? I do not see a name even in conditions (at least of those in the media) of managing the destinies of our Motherland!There is talk of Joaquim Barbosa, but he has no administrative experience. He's been a civil servant all his life, as far as I'm concerned. I have never seen a statement of yours outlining a plan of government. What are your ideas for the market economy? For education? For structural reforms?

The metastasis of the organism called Brazil, is caused by the public sector. Every politician wants to suck on the tits of the State. The State wants to control everything and, at heart, DOES NOT CONTROL ANYTHING! The bureaucracy only favors corruption! The states and municipalities are bankrupt because they always spend more than they collect, often violating the Fiscal Responsibility Law. 

The so-called STRUCTURAL REFORMS have been shelved for years in Congress and, without their approval, the country is not advancing, but on the contrary, it is losing more and more foreign investments, so necessary for our development.

We need men and women of character who, above all, THINK IN BRAZIL and in Brazilians! Unfortunately, it is not what we see in the current Brazilian institutional and political framework.

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