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Gospel Of Sunday 2.016/02/21

Antoni BigCuore *

Location: São Paulo, SP.Date: 02/21/2016, Sunday at 09.24 hours
At that time, Jesus took Peter, John and James, and went up the mountain to pray. While praying, his face changed in appearance and his clothes became dazzling white.Behold, two men were talking with Jesus were Moses and Elijah. They appeared clothed with glory and talked about death, that Jesus would suffer in Jerusalem.Peter and his companions were very sleepy. When awake, they saw Jesus' glory and the two men who were with him.

And when these two men went away, Peter said to Jesus, "Master, it is good to be here. Let's make three tents: one for you, one for Moses and one for Elijah. " Peter did not know what he was saying.He was still speaking when a cloud appeared and overshadowed them with his shadow. The disciples were afraid as they entered into the cloud.Cloud, however, came a voice saying: "This is my Son, the Chosen One. Listen to what he says! "While the voice resonated, Jesus was found alone. The disciples were silent and in those days told no one of anything they had seen. "


Beautiful passagemdo Holy Gospel today, which notes the foreshadowing of life in eternity. The disciples Peter, James and John, this stunned and did not understand anything that was going on.Jesus talking to Moses and Elijah about his passion and death in Jerusalem.Moses and Elijah appeared, it presupposes in a glorified body, quite different from our carnal body to talk to Jesus about going to Jerusalem.

Peter and his companions rested in the Spirit (a sublime sleep only to have intimacy with the Holy Spirit is able to enjoy) and then realize the presence of Moses and Elijah. Peter liked it so much the moment impulsively suggested to Jesus that build three tents, one for each.Peter was dreaming. This was not the Master's plans. Pedro wanted to stay in the "Comfort Zone", because it should be very nice that moment and wanted, perhaps, perpetuate it.

In the Old Testament, God often revealed himself to the prophets having a cloud over them. And this time, appeared this cloud of heaven, the disciples afraid, not quite know what was going on. However, it was the voice of GOD THE FATHER ALMIGHTY announcing: "This is my Son, the chosen one. Listen to what He says. " ( 1 )

Lectio Divina. We can draw the following inference of this text to our practical lives as a Christian. Our personal transfiguration LEAVE means Old Man and clothe as Paul says, the New Man, filled with the Holy Spirit. And this Lent is the appropriate time to do so.A holy and happy Sunday to all (the)! blessings of health, peace, prosperity, harmony and joy in their hearts !.

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