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Culinary: Gnocchi Of Sweet Potato And Linseed


Antoni BigCuore*

Date: São Paulo, SP, 01.08.2016, at 16.19 hours.Edition: Blog Bem Viver -  and Recanto das LetrasI learned today, on TV. Gazette, at lunchtime the following Sweet Potato Gnocchi Recipe with Flaxseed meal to share with you.


½ Kilo of sweet baked potato100 grams of flour Golden Flaxseed050 grams of olive oil095 grams of potato starchHimalayan salt (to taste).

DO MODE: Place all ingredients in a bowl, cited above, and mix and knead with your hands. That said, spread some white flour on the table and make the sausage type rolls on top of a marble stone (preferably) after cutting into cubes in the shape of 45 degrees.While preparing this, the water should be boiling already at an appropriate pan. Place all the cubes in boiling water and after about 10 minutes check the texture and remove with a slotted spoon. (Note that the sweet potato is already cooked, so do not leave much on fire).

Why sweet potatoes ?. Because sweet potatoes have lower glycemic indes than potatoes, so it is more healthy and non-fattening. (of course, to avoid abuse them). Preference for the sweet potato RED color.

Flaxseed contains a substance to control the glycemic index. Already the white flour, which most bars and restaurants do, FATTENING and has no fiber. Flaxseed and sweet potatoes are high in fiber, so they are the best option. The Himalayan salt has little sodium and more minerals, so much healthier than refined white salt.(The potatoes can also be replaced by yam or yam. The flaxseed meal can also be replaced by Quinoa flakes.)

PREPARATION OF SAUCE: For the sauce we suggest the following ingredients: Italian style tomato, chives, parsley, pepper Syrian and a little cinnamon powder. Place the sauce after it's done on the plate of gnocchi. The amount is at the discretion of each person.We suggest an animal protein, preferably chicken and a nice salad with arugula, endive, lettuce, tomato grape, carrot etc., to accompany the tasty gnocchi.It is a SUPER HEALTHY dish, nutritious and fattening NOT !!! (provided of course, that ingested sparingly!). Enjoy your food!

(*) The author is a writer and communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the entire planet. His thesis is called, The homeostasis of Personality, ie the balance of personality, based on three factors: Spirit, Mind and Body. With these three factors harmonized, one gets the balance of his personality (see my articles on the Corner of Letters and Well Living Blog:. (Homeostatic balance of personality, Homeostatics Personality and Integral Health).

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