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Matter: Politics Article - Brazil, São Paulo,SP.Date: 12/15/2015, 3rd Monday, at 9.49 hours.

SOURCE: PORTAL FOLHA DE SÃO PAULO - UOL DAY 12/15/2015I transcribe my readers and readers of the Nook, matter today, published on the website of UOL., As follows, for our personal reflections.At the end I give my "pitacos" on that subject.---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------"Name of the new phase of the operation Lava Jet," orations "are a series of four speeches that Cicero, the Roman Consul Marcus Tullius Cicero, gave the Roman Senate. On Tuesday (15), the Federal Police began a search and seizure action at the official residence of the President of the House, currently occupied by Congressman Eduardo Cunha (PMDB-RJ).
The action is also made in the homes of ministers Celso Pansera (Science and Technology) and Henrique Eduardo Alves (Tourism).

Cicero texts refer to Lucius Catiline, which would have led a revolution to dissolve the Senate and seize power in Rome in 63 BC One of the most famous phrases of the speech is as follows:. "How long, Catiline, the will abuse our patience?".

According to historical records, the evening of 6 to 7 November, 63 BC, Catiline conspiracy gathered leaders to take the last decisions before a new coup attempt in Rome.

Upon learning this, Cicero would have decided to convene the Senate. At the meeting, the consul would have been outraged by the presence of Catiline and accused him through the first series of speeches that came to be known as "orations". The speech of Cicero would have convinced the Senate to a possible conspiracy of Catiline.

In December, after the fourth speech of Cicero and already sentenced to death, Catiline refused to surrender. In January 62 BC, Catiline was killed in a battlefield.Read an excerpt from the first speech of the "orations":

"How long, O Catiline, will abuse our patience?

For how much longer there, mocking us that your madness?The one extreme are we going to precipitate your unbridled audacity?

Or custody of the Palatine, or the night watch of the city, nor the fears of the people, nor the affluence of all good men, not this place so well protected for meeting

Senate nor the look and appearance of these senators, none of this could disturb you?Do not you feel that your plans are for all to see?

Do you not see that your conspiracy have already mastered all these in the know?Who, among us, do you think you ignore what you did last night and precedent, in that place were you, who have called, what were your deliberations? "

A. BIGCUORE COMMENT:  This matter of UOL, today, we could paraphrase the words of the great Roman Senator, Marcus Tullius Cicero, saying:EVEN WHEN, gentlemen congressmen, abusarás of our patience? That is, until when abusarás the patience of long-suffering Brazilian people ???

Here's the current situation: the lady president fighting tooth and nail to defend the navel, on the one hand, and the Deputy Eduardo Cunha, making BLACKMAIL against the president, by personal feuds, while the country's economy, sinks, day after day, being on the verge of losing their investment grade at Moody´s  Agency. (which would help to sink even further weakened the Brazilian economy. There is talk already 9,000,000 (million) unemployed !!!). Gasp!

The President is acting as a "wounded beast" and precisely today at 6.00 hours in the morning, the Federal Police, was knocking at the gates of the Wedge residence, for questioning in compliance with the public prosecutor's instructions.

Just today, when the vote on the Ethics Committee by 11-9, upheld the result of the application process, against said deputado.Mera coincidence?You notice that the lady president wants revenge on Cunha, for having not done, what she would like. DNA. Russef, wanted to equip the House of Representatives in order to approve their "power projects." (read the US)

"THE POWER OF CRIMINAL PROJECT", in the words of Exmo.Senhor Doctor Celso de Melo, when expressed in monthly allowance process.

But the Lava Operation Jet (with God's help), appeared as a real obstacle to the interests of the workers' party. Thank God, we would say, this operation very well conducted, within the Constitution, by the Hon. Sr.Dr. Judge SERGIO MORO, which is giving a GREAT EXAMPLE, to the country and to his colleagues, how to deal with a case.

We are at a crucial moment in our political life. Or passed Brazil to clean NOW or NEVER AGAIN !!! It's a great chance. How would the Emperor Cesar, before the Rubicon: "Alea jac the est". (The die is cast). (All parties MUST be investigated matter who gets hurt!).

ASK NOT OFFEND: When Mr. Prosecutor, Sr.JANOT, will prosecute the Sr.RENAN CALHEIROS, old fox of our policy, repeatedly involved in corruption scandals and even sexual?Say my Biguinho Angel .... "ah ... but he is a friend of power, the PT and President Dilma" ... ta wanting you too do not you think? Rssss .... "

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