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Christmas And New Hopes (Message for my Readers)


Antoni BigCuore*

Date: 12.25.2015, 6th Monday at 11.56 hours.Location: Brazil, Sao Paulo, SP.Theme: Thanksgiving
I leave here my hug, my love to all my READERS, Brazil and several countries where I have readers  of my BLOG VIVER -  WELL LIVING BLOG.Thank you for the affection of all !. I look forward to earning your trust, too, during the year 2016. For my part, my writings continue always following my philosophical line: SELF, SPIRITUALITY AND HEALTHY LIFE.

A Happy and Holy Christmas and a New Year full of NEW HOPE ... hope faith, hope, gratitude, hope, tolerance, hope for more social justice, more solidarity, more PEACE, LOVE more; hope more jobs, especially for Brazilians.

God our Heavenly Father in an act of immense Love and Humility, leans on the earth and sends his child Jesus, to assume our humanity, by the Mary's womb, Virgin Pure, sincere, humble and true! Without the "fiat" (make up) of Mary, humanity would not exist. It remains the biggest gift that God gives us !. Thank God for this!.Thank you, Heavenly Father, for this day so wonderful to uptodate the birth of his Son, Jesus Boy !!!Fraternal hug.

Antoni BigCuore - (self-knowledge, spirituality and healthy living). Poetic and philosophical link:

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