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Forgiveness: The New Peace Synonym


Author: Antoni BigCuore *

Date: 02.01.2006,2ª.feira at 8,05hrs (alt.23.12.2014).

New year, new forgiveness? Yes, this is what God wants from us !. He expects the conversion of our hearts and this necessarily implies a good deal in our capacity to forgive. We feel, for the work of counseling and evangelization we did in prayer groups of RCC, one of the biggest problems of the people, is the inability to forgive. Says the poet Edgar Allan Poe, "To err is human; forgive is divine. "

Brothers and sisters, let us reflect on the "Prince of Peace", which is the Child Jesus. "The Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, recalling the predecessor and friend of youth, said:" Dear young people, the happiness you are seeking, the happiness you have a right to enjoy has a name and a face: Jesus Christ, hidden in the Eucharist. Only he gives the fullness of humanity. "(daily cf.liturgia January / 06, pg.16)

We live in an age that might be called "idolatry of consumerism." The society of men, the unbridled lust for profit, through the mass media, instills in people, the idea that a person's value is in its ability to consume objects or material things. (I consume, therefore I exist .This is the logic of the capitalist economy!)

             Someone will object: but human beings need to survive! Of course you need, we would say. Only to be wise and sensible to avoid the extremes. What God asks of us is that we are righteous. The strongest not step on the weak. Use of mercy to the weak; share our bread each day, for those who have nothing. God left us the goods to be happy; and happiness is the SHARING of these goods, especially with the weak.

Returning to forgiveness. Says the Book of Sirach, Chapter 28: "Who takes revenge will suffer the vengeance of the LORD, which severely ask you account for their sins. Forgive the injustice that your next commit and when you ask, God will forgive the sins that you have committed. If a man holds a grudge against another, how can you ask God to heal? If you do not use the mercy to his fellow man, how dare he ask forgiveness of his own sins? If he who is flesh, rancor guard, who will forgive your sins? "

The text is clear brothers and sisters. No one is holy! Holy God alone! Many people do not forgive because they have the false idea that forgiveness is something LOSE. On the contrary, to forgive is ALWAYS WIN !, including health. If our ability to forgive, walk a bit weak, so let's eat vitamin of the Eucharist, prayer! Before the tabernacle open our hearts and ask the grace of God, for us to increase the ability to forgive. Forgive, undoubtedly, is a way to humble ourselves before God and brothers. Forgiveness is sublime. It's like honey that drips of the combs. Only those who forgives can feel the sweetness that emanates !.

So, let's start the new year with new soul! Free from the shackles of hatred, of sadness, depression, lack of forgiveness. By doing so, of course, the anointing of the Lord will fall on our heads and hearts! Happy New Year to you all!

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