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Sunday Of Branches.(Matthew,26,14-27-66)

Antoni BigCuore *

Date: 09.04.2017 (Sunday)

On this Palm Sunday, the liturgy presents itself with the following texts for the reflection of Christians. We present the synopsis of the same.

FIRST READING - Prophet Isaiah, 50, 4-7. "The Lord has given me the tongue of a disciple, so that I may know how to comfort the words of those who are discouraged. And those that smote me I presented the shoulders, and the faces to them that tear off my beard; I did not turn away from the face of reproach and spitting. But the Lord God comes to my aid (...)

SECOND READING - PHILIPPIANS, 2, 6-11. "Since he was of divine character, he did not prevail over his equality with God, but he annihilated himself by assuming the status of a slave and resembling men." (...)

PSALM 22 (21) - "My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? My screams, my prayer does not reach you! In the daytime I cry out, my God, and you do not answer me. Shout at night, and you do not listen to me !. And you dwell in the sanctuary, where Israel praises you! 11. I have been delivered to You from birth, from the womb You are my God. " 12. Do not be far from me, for the anguish is near, and there is none to help me.


GOSPEL - MATTHEW 26: 14-27-66. Judas meets with the priests and contracts the delivery of Jesus, for the price of thirty pieces of silver. The Master Jesus tells his disciples that a person would betray him. Everyone asked, "Am I Master?" Judas introduces himself and Jesus confirms him as the traitor.

It was the Last Supper with His disciples when the HOLY EUCHARIST IS INSTITUTED! During the meal, Jesus took bread, blessed him, broke it, and gave it to his disciples, saying,

"TAKE AND EAT, THIS IS MY BODY". Then he took the cup, gave thanks, and gave it to him, saying: "DRINK HIM ALL, FOR THIS IS MY BLOOD, THE BLOOD OF THE COVENANT, THAT IS POURED FOR MANY FOR THE FORGIVENESS OF SINS" (my italics) .

A. BIGCUORE´S REFLECTION: Isaiah who most prophesies about the life of Jesus, gives the clues of the Suffering Servant, speaking of Jesus, this 500 A.C. All the prophecies about the Master Jesus, were realized! And what most prophesied about the life of Jesus was, without a doubt, the Prophet Isaiah. In the above text, it sums up all the suffering that awaited him.

Paul tells us, from the humility of the Master, who, though having also and especially the Divine nature, did not prevail over it, but annihilated himself to death and death on a cross. All this to fulfill the Sacred Scriptures.

The assembled Sanhedrin finds "arguments" to condemn Jesus. And they decide for his death.

Every person has a little Judas. As humans, we are weak and in moments of tribulation, we come to DENY Jesus and his teachings.

Therefore, it establishes the Holy Eucharist as the most important Sacrament of the Christian life, which serves as food both for the body and, above all, for the soul.

For Jesus knew the human frailty very well, and therefore established the HOLY EUCHARIST as a PERPETUAL SACRAMENT. THE NEW AND ETERNAL ALLIANCE, according to the canons of the Roman Catholic Church.

All Christians should prepare well for the Week that begins today. From now on I wish all Christians of men of good will, a Holy and Happy Easter, with Jesus in mind, heart and soul!

(*) Author is a writer and communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ for the whole planet. Share his BLOG BEM VIVER- (self-knowledge, spirituality and healthy life).
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