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There Is Always a Way To Do Better


Author: Antoni BigCuore *

Date: 26/07/2013 at 13.55 hrs.With the visit of Pope Francisco to Brazil, I began to reflect on various aspects of both my personal life, where family.Youth is a time of caring by nature. The youngster is enthusiastic by nature, unless, you are not being given conditions to develop, both professionally, and intellectually.

And one thing that Pope Francisco always beats is the key HOPE!. Dom Paulo Evaristo Arns, Cardinal Emeritus of São Paulo, also in his homilies used to say to the people: HOPE ALWAYS!THERE IS ALWAYS A WAY TO DO BETTER!. The world today lacks hope. Technological changes are very fast, leading people, especially the youth, imbalances and illusions ephemeral; consequently spend no more reflect on their role in society. It is imperative to material conditions and intellectual for the young person can develop his personality within ethical and Christians.

In this regard, is in Brazil to World Youth Day (WYD), which is an attempt to rescue it. The initiative of the Christian Church Catholic, is to bring the youth of the world to reflect on faith, hope and charity. Incidentally, the word enthusiasm from Greek means "full of God." A person, therefore, is an enthusiastic "full of the Holy Spirit of God." And this is characteristic of the young as a personality Christian and non-Christian as well.

And His Holiness reminds us that there is always a way to do better. Young people are the protagonists of a new, more human and sympathetic. We understand that the time for humanity passes, a world without hope, no prospects, and very SOCIAL INJUSTICE, young people are motivated and called for a change in posture, aiming to change that situation for the better.The new world depends on the young, not neglecting, of course, the experiences of older people or adults. The wisdom of these with the youth and enthusiasm of those, can make a DIFFERENCE to improve the world in every sense, political, ethical and socially.

Young people know DISCERN truth from falsehood and "cunning politics", who want to use them for their purposes, deep, unspeakable. Politicians, everywhere in the world, are down. Do you know why? Because they are deceivers, liars often and want to use them as "pawns" for their partisan political purposes.

Young people know that Jesus is the solution! His legacy is the great treasure they want them stored in the vaults of your hearts.We need REDEEM family since it is here that are transmitted VALUES immutable; ethical values, moral and intellectual. The world wild capitalist system, using young people as mere "consumers of their products." Has no social responsibility do not care about the destruction of nature, for example. But the stance Christian is clear about this: PUT ABOVE ALL, THE KINGDOM OF GOD AND HIS RIGHTEOUSNESS AND EVERYTHING ELSE YOU WILL BE ADDED!. (Jesus).

I think Brazil will never be the same after the visit of His Holiness Pope Francisco. May the Holy Spirit enlighten the store of all evil and that He continues to REDEEM the true CHURCH OF CHRIST: the church humble, simple and primarily focused on the weak and underprivileged in our society. Amen!

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