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People Demanding, Obedient Congress

Author: Antoni BigCuore *

 Date: 09/07/2013Time: 11:52 hrs

The Brazilian nation as a whole, watched astonished at manifestations occurred a few weeks ago, organized according supposed, through social networks, through the movement called Free Pass.I personally, with my 66 years old, I was surprised and very happy to see that, despite constituting an additional "amorphous mass", but surprised, especially politicians, to take to the streets to protest against the legitimately CORRUPTION AND Incompetence of our political leaders. No wonder that the prestige of the President of Brazil, fell sharply to more than 30 points!PEOPLE DEMANDING,  OBEDIENT CONGRESS.

 I was just now doing my walks in a park here in São Paulo, when I appeared in the mind this phrase. (People demanding obedient Congress). ___I thought to myself, when I get home I will write a chronicle about the social-political moment in Brazil.Never seen the people, mostly protesting peacefully on all social needs of our people!. Here lack everything: health is in total chaos, even those who pay health insurance, is satisfied; education of poor quality; chaotic transport with 20 years of delay, finally the infrastructure in the country is abandoned! 

Still the former metalworker when tenant at the Planalto Palace, demagogic as always did, worked closely with FIFA for the World Cup was in Brazil, knowing "a priori" that our parents do not have the "minimal" conditions to bear such responsibility.As the president is with his prestige at low, then stepped forward, as trial balloon, to propose to the Congress a plebiscite (reaching the height of mess in proposing constitutional! Freakish!) On political reform. I thought to myself, is that the president thought the HIGH COST of a referendum? There are millions and millions of reais, if effected the above, what will be "burned" and whose destination is the trash. Our people, unfortunately (mostly) are not prepared intellectually to understand, for example, which is voting district, or even distinguish between parliamentarism and presidentialism, although the latter are not on the agenda.

One thing was clear: WHEN PEOPLE OUT ACE STREETS, THE POLITICAL TREMBLE!! And begin to "wiggle"!! Only in this way we will change something in this country The people tired of political roguery, deception, demagoguery, CORRUPTION, "Gerson law", acronyms rental, etc.etc. He wants quality health with a minimum of decency and efficiency, transport also of quality, safety, less taxes, etc.etc. Oh ... and fair pensions for retirees of the INSS!!Relate to follow the great "sucking" the economy of our country: the National Congress with the amount of current representatives; 39 ministries that produce few, (the Cardoso government. Were 14, if I remember correctly), the state machine bloated, obese and Jurassic; lack of planning for medium and long term, rising inflation due to overspending and useless government; coup in savings (after May/2002, if I mistake was modified).

Saving old, at least covering inflation. And the present? Not cover even half of the real inflation!An outgrowth SECRET VOTE!. Real democracy presupposes TOTAL TRANSPARENCY!. The citizen has the right to know who is who in the political decisions of their country, and how public resources are used.I know one thing: everything we see in these events, a point was made clear when the people mobilized, politicians tremble! And take the butt of the chair .....PEOPLE DEMANDING, CONGRESS OBEDIENT!. It is for this that they are our employees. Should HONOR the vote they received in the polls. Receive much more than they deserve and do almost nothing useful. Now, if they have the least ashamed of yourself, will move and know that the people are not stupid, and if need be, out on the streets again, DEMOCRATICALLY, to claim their rights!IT IS IMPERATIVE TO FINISH WITH SOCIAL INJUSTICE IN BRAZIL reigning!

 (*) Author is writer and communicator of the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the entire planet. Go to: http:// antonibigcuore.blogspot.com and his poetic and philosophical link: www.recantodasletras.com.br/autores/antonibigcuore - GOD BLESS YOU!

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